baby #4: 25 weeks

It’s starting to feel so real that we’ll have another little baby girl here soon! It’s just hard to believe that soon we’ll be in the third trimester, and winding down toward the end of pregnancy.
Baby’s size: About 13.5 inches long and 1.5 pounds. Her heartbeat this week was 160 bpm, and my fundal height measured exactly 25 cm! I’m excited to be on track for now (since Kaelyn and Nella both ended up measuring small).

Maternity clothes?: I finally wore a couple of maternity tops this week! I unpacked all my maternity t-shirts and shorts on the warmest day of the week, feeling hopeful that the weather would stay spring-like. It looks like my optimism didn’t quite work, but at least I’m ready for when spring does finally decide to stick around!

I’m also wearing the support belt full-time now to help with those round ligament pains.

Gender: Our fourth sweet baby girl!!!

Symptoms: My round ligament pains are better, but still not completely resolved (and I don’t know if they will be, but I’m still hopeful). My belly is starting to be big enough that it gets in the way sometimes! Bending over, going up stairs, and carrying Nella (or all of the above combined!) are all feeling a little more difficult.

Sleep: I’ve been crashing so hard every afternoon and evening. “Sleeping for two” is totally a thing. Some of my nightmares have come back (anything ranging from our kids getting hurt to dreams involving dog poo…), but for the most part, I’m sleeping okay. I started using the body pillow this week, and sometimes I kick it out of the bed in the middle of the night, but for the most part, it’s been really nice. I just sometimes feel bad to use it because I know it takes up so much space, and I don’t want to crowd Michael even more than I already do!

Movement: She’s still totally wild and will almost instantly kick my hand when I touch my belly. She also loves to kick the counter when I’m leaning up against the sink to do dishes, etc. She wasn’t head-down yet at our ultrasound last week, but I’ve been feeling some kicks up high above my belly button, so maybe she is now? (I realize she can still change position though!) I’ve also had a few moments this week when she’s moved and it’s kind of hurt– she’s getting strong!

Cravings: Nothing really. I’m still not much into food for the most part.

What I miss: Being more productive with my time (I feel like I need so much rest these days), and not feeling so sore from a run.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: The nausea has really started to come back this week. I felt like I had a little break for a few weeks there, but now my stomach turns after everything I eat again and I am in bed as soon as the kids are down for the night. Grilled cheese (with roasted red peppers) is the only thing I’ve had for dinner for a while. Michael was joking that his only worry is that this baby is going to come out addicted to it!

Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: Ran 24.6 miles (longest run was 5.3 miles); walked 4.1 miles. Best average pace this week was 9:38 min/mile. Fitbit total steps: 80,722.

I’m really having to slow down the pace now. I keep reminding myself that my ultimate goal is to keep moving, and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow I do it. Most of my runs are starting to go over 10-minute-mile averages, and at first, I didn’t like seeing myself slow down, but my body feels better for it. Honestly, I’m just grateful to be running at all. I’m still doing some prenatal yoga after my runs, and the girls really like participating in that, too!

Mood: Happy that my round ligaments are feeling less sore, the sun is shining, and I’ve been able to get out and exercise!

Best moment this week: Spending time with my girls outdoors and watching them enjoy nature. They are some of the most “unplugged” (as far as technology goes) kids I know, and I’m so grateful that they love using their imaginations.

Looking forward to: Easter and our church General Conference!

Big sisters: I think I might have the sweetest girls in the world. They love to play doctor and check on each other’s pretend babies. Here’s Kaya using the “doppler”:They came to my appointment this week, and the midwife asked if they wanted to be helpers (I think she was going to let them use the real doppler to hear the baby’s heart), but everyone was a little too shy.

Comparison: 25 weeks with Kaya; 25 weeks with Kaelyn; 25 weeks with Nella.