baby #4: 18 weeks

Here we go… the weekly posts! I don’t know how many people actually want to read these the fourth time around, but I love doing them (and especially looking back on them)! I also realize that I did similar chalkboards during my pregnancy with Nella, but I had so much fun making them that I wanted to do it again!Baby’s size: About 5.5 inches long from crown to rump, and weighing in at around 7 ounces. The Ovia app (which makes the craziest comparisons) says this is the size of a croissant (does that come with Nutella?)!

Maternity clothes?: Not yet. My smallest jeans still fit (and button!), but let’s be real, I don’t really like wearing them for extended lengths of time. I’ve just been wearing looser jeans. This is the stage when there’s a belly, but not a completely obvious bump, which is a little awkward. I basically feel huge, but I know I’m going to look back at this and laugh in a few weeks/months.

Gender: We don’t know!!! I honestly keep flip-flopping on what my guess is, too. I’ve had some feelings that maybe it’s another girl, but then mentally I’ve kind of already assumed it’s a boy. Maybe that doesn’t sound like it makes any sense!

Sleep: I didn’t mention this in my big pregnancy recap post, but I have had crazy numbers of nightmares this time around, which makes it really hard to sleep (or stay asleep) sometimes. I’ve been using frankincense oil at night, which seems to help me at least feel calm, so there’s that. In the afternoon, I pass out for a couple of solid hours, every single day. Thankfully, Nella still takes a 3-hour nap everyday, and Kaya and Kaelyn will nap for about 1.5 hours. If they wake up before me, they just play quietly in their room.

Movement: It has still seemed to me like I’ve felt less movement this time, but in the past few days, it’s picked up a little! I had one “big” kick that surprised me yesterday afternoon, and a few other times when I’ve been busy doing something and then I randomly feel some flutters.

Cravings: I finally had my first real craving- a chocolate chip cookie! I’ve also been wanting French toast and scrambled eggs, so we made that for dinner last night.

What I miss: Cookie dough… 🙁

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I had one day this week when I was back to being stuck in bed, nauseous and not able to do much. The rest of the week has been mostly okay. I’m back to taking the B-6 three times a day.

Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: Ran 20.8 miles (longest run was 7 miles). Fitbit total steps: 59,822.

Mood: I want to cry over Luke Bryan songs, but really I’m feeling good emotionally. Now that I’m less sick, I’m starting to get more excited about having a new baby.

Best moment this week: Starting to feel more of those baby kicks!

Looking forward to: My birthday!!!

Big sisters: I love how much they already love this baby! They talk about him/her all the time, (although they insist it’s a her). Kaelyn even asked me one night this week as we were cuddled up on my bed, “What’s the baby doing right now?” She thought it was so funny when I told her that maybe the baby was sleeping! Then she asked me if she used to sleep in my tummy, and she loved it when I said yes.

My pregnancy app said that it might be possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope this week, so of course, the girls wanted to both try it with the ones Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lelia gave them for Christmas. We didn’t have any luck (which I kind of suspected), but they still had a great time “playing doctor”.

Comparison:18 weeks with Kaya; 18 weeks with Kaelyn; 18 weeks with Nella.