christmas parade (2017)

Are you ready to hear about Christmas for the next week or two? We made so many wonderful memories this year, and I have to say, these special occasions just keep getting more fun as our kids grow bigger. So here we go, the first of the Christmas catch-up posts… our holiday parade!

After a week without Daddy (he was in Las Vegas for the AWS conference), we kicked off the weekend by heading downtown to our local parade. Michael’s plane was due to land just in time for him to catch a bus and take a short walk to meet up with us, so while we waited, we stopped into one of the indoor venues to look at all the community Christmas trees. The girls absolutely loved this one, covered in puppies and bones, with a light-up pug standing next to it!They also had an array of gingerbread houses this year. They smelled heavenly, and you can guess which one was our favorite!Nella was pretty amazed by everything there was to see.Daddy found us! I don’t know if we’ve ever been as happy to see him as we were right then! I had to have a picture with my girls, too! It definitely wasn’t the warmest parade we’ve had, but it by far wasn’t the coldest, either. Still, we ended up using Daddy’s coat as a blanket by the end of the night because these little girls felt chilly.Nella took in all the lights and sounds and loved the entire experience.Some of my favorite floats included: these giant teeth……an entire trailer full of pandas!!!…the classic snowmen……blinged-out cars… …and Santa, of course! The girls were so excited to see him!Horses are always at the end, but they are a definite favorite for all of us too.I love this yearly tradition- I don’t think we’ve missed a town Christmas parade since we started dating! Only 10.5 months until the next one! 😉