baby #3: 26 weeks


Baby’s size: Over 14 inches tall and about 2 pounds! Apparently, this is the equivalent of a bowling pin, haha.
Maternity clothes?:
Yes. At the end of the day, I look forward to stealing one of Michael’s big t-shirts for bed. I also got a maternity belt this week to wear while running, and it is awesome. I’ve only used it once so far, but I can’t wait to see how much it helps on longer runs next week.
 My face has been breaking out more… and I had one day where my hips were achey, but only while I was lying down. I used my body pillow (but only for the second time this whole pregnancy)!
 I’m napping whenever I can and still having crazy dreams. I’m really just tired a lot, but that’s to be expected.
Seriously… does she ever sleep? I have been amazed this week at how strong she’s getting. She’s kicked me hard, and I very distinctly felt her foot against my hand a few nights ago. I also think she has turned… maybe not completely head down, but I’m feeling a lot more kicking high up in my belly. I absolutely love waking up to her wiggles in the morning and find it funny when she seems to “dance” to the radio.
Double chocolate muffins and pizza.
What I miss:
Nothing really!
Anything making you queasy or sick?:
I’ve been feeling good this week, for the most part! I even used Italian salad dressing for the first time in ages (although it might just be the Kroger-brand dressing that my stomach dislikes)…
Belly Button in or out?:
Ran 24.2 miles; walked 2.2 miles. My longest run was 6 miles. Fitbit total steps: 94,154.
Happy! It’s starting to feel real that we’ll really be holding a baby girl in a few months. Sometimes, it feels like I have FOREVER left to be pregnant- it just seems like I’ve already been waiting to meet her for so long! Other days (usually when I’m adding things to my pre-baby to-do list or realizing that summer is more than halfway over), it feels like she’ll be here in no time at all!
Best moment this week:
Spending time with Ben and Brittany and holding their new baby girl!
Looking forward to:
Getting some painting done this week!
Big sisters: Kaya always tells me that the baby is kicking her hand, but I’m still the only one who has actually felt her move. Kaelyn seemed to notice my big belly for the very first time this week, too!
26 weeks with Kaya; 26 weeks with Kaelyn.