july 2016 goals

We’re a third of the way through the month… but I just have to update on how things are going around here! 🙂

Here was June:

Choose a paint color for the family room. DONE… and it’s already painted! My awesome brother-in-law Jeff painted the majority of it himself when he was here for Kaelyn’s birthday party. Michael helped out too, of course, but I’m grateful Jeff got it started!

Sell the retro dining table and chairs the previous homeowners left in the basement. SOLD for $480! I’m just thrilled to have it out of my house once the buyer picks it up! For your entertainment, here’s what it looks like:_MG_1670

Do school with Kaya three days per week. We had one week that we fell short, but we’ve done extra days on other weeks, so I’m happy with how much we’ve been getting done.

Finish reading one book. Oops, this didn’t happen.

Take the kids to the library every week to choose new books. It hasn’t quite been every week, but we’ve been to the library three times in the past month! I didn’t see a need to keep a strict schedule with this goal since my girls always want to check out a lot of books at a time and don’t seem to tire of them for awhile.

Plan/host Kaelyn’s birthday party. 

Finish backing up my computer. Well, this is about halfway done. I finished ALL of 2014! It’s taking so painstakingly long because I’ve been going over every single photo again, being sure that there are no further edits I want to make before I export them all as .JPGs and delete the RAWs forever.

Now on to July!july2016goalsGet the girls’ room painted. This means I need to choose a color, too. I really want to get moving on this so that I can make all the changes I want to (moving furniture, transitioning Kaelyn to a bed, etc.) well before Baby #3 arrives so that they can adjust ahead of time. I also just feel like I can’t get started on the nursery until I at least have their room painted first.

Prime the basement walls. See that bright red in that picture of the table up there? Yeah… hopefully that doesn’t take too much convincing to go away!

Finish backing up 2015 photos. I’d love to just be done with 2016 photos too, but we’ll see how it goes.

Finish reading one book.

Keep up with preschool three days per week.

Deep clean the car. It’s not super disgusting or anything… but it could use some vacuuming, straightening up, and wiping down on the inside.

See you in August!