baby #3: 25 weeks

Heyyyy big belly! I’m definitely seeing (and feeling) a difference in size this week!25weeksBaby’s size: About 13.5 inches long and 1.5 pounds.
Maternity clothes?:
Yes yes yes… and the only non-maternity tops I’m wearing are things that used to be long and tunic-like on me before!
Just some ligament soreness on the right side of my belly. I’m looking into hopefully getting a support band, mostly just for when I run.
I am napping almost every day… it actually feels strange if I stay awake in the afternoon now. Even Kaya is perplexed if I tell her I wasn’t sleeping while she was! Usually exhaustion hits me hard in the third trimester, so hopefully I don’t get much more fatigued than this.

Pregnancy also gives me some pretty realistic-feeling dreams- this week I truly thought I was riding a horse, and another day, I was a real princess in a forsaken castle. Crazy and fun! Last week, I was dreaming something that made me actually punch Michael in the arm. Luckily, he said it was a soft punch, but in my half-asleep state, I thought I hit as hard as I could!
Moving moving moving ALL DAY LONG! She kicks my front, my side, my backside, up high, down low… you name it. She is all over the place. I’ve really noticed her getting stronger this week, and can distinctly feel her pushing her feet into my side.
Double chocolate muffins and pizza.
What I miss:
Nothing really!
Anything making you queasy or sick?:
I’ve mostly been feeling great, but I had a day this week where I just felt nauseous all day long. I also have started noticing that I often feel shaky/weak by lunchtime, but after I eat, I’m fine.
Belly Button in or out?:
Getting flatter, but I’d be surprised if it actually pokes out.
Ran 26.3 miles; walked 3.2 miles. My longest run was 7.53 miles. Fitbit total steps: 96,640.
Good, just not sure I feel ready to actually give birth again. I still have some time to prepare, so I should probably start doing that…
Best moment this week: 
Celebrating the Fourth of July with my family!
Looking forward to:
Ben and Brittany visiting from Texas!
Big sisters: Kaya always kisses the baby goodnight! So sweet.
25 weeks with Kaya; 25 weeks with Kaelyn.