baby #3: 24 weeks

24weeksBaby’s size: She’s about a foot long and 1.33 pounds, which is the equivalent of an eggplant or a G.I. Joe action figure. I love these random comparisons! Haha.

My fundal height measured perfectly at my appointment this week, which makes me extra happy, since I was already measuring small with Kaelyn at this point (obviously, she turned out healthy, but it prompted a lot of extra concern and several more ultrasounds. I’d rather not do that again this time)!
Maternity clothes?:
Yes to shorts, but still mixing both maternity and non-maternity tops throughout the week.
I’ve had a couple of nights where my belly just feels uncomfortable… isn’t it too soon for that? I also highly suspect that I have some sensitivity to dairy, so I should probably cut back on milk and ice cream. I experienced this with my other pregnancies, but I definitely seem to have it worse this time around.
I had a couple of good naps this week, but even when I plan to stay awake during the girls’ nap time, I end up dozing off. Oops.
This girl is going to be a kickboxer… she’s always beating me up! I’m a little afraid of how it’s going to feel when she’s even bigger! She likes to stay up late and wake up early, too. 🙂
Double chocolate muffins and chocolate malt ice cream.
What I miss:
Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for this baby girl and the blessing it is to grow her… but I am kind of missing my old body. I know I’m still strong, but I miss running fast and having a waistline sometimes lately.
Anything making you queasy or sick?:
I’m still nauseous at times, but I really think that getting outside and moving my body helps tremendously.
Belly Button in or out?:
 It’s starting to look a little weird… I’m hoping that doesn’t mean my abdominal muscles are separating again like they did with Kaelyn.
Ran 20.8 miles; walked 4.9 miles. Fitbit total steps: 83,466. My mileage was a little lower this week since Michael was out of town for business (read: less running), but I did have a great 7.5-mile run with Lelia that somewhat made up for it. 🙂
Feeling motivated to work on house projects, and sometimes wishing it was already October so that I can hold this princess in my arms and see who she looks like!
Best moment this week:
Spending time with my babies outside, running in our yard with them, and going swimming.
Looking forward to:
Fourth of July and spending time with family!
Big sisters: Kaya loves to pray for our baby. She asks that she will “get here safely”, and frequently tells me that the baby loves her. I love how she already seems to know and have a bond with her baby sister. Kaelyn is still completely clueless!
24 weeks with Kaya; 24 weeks with Kaelyn. I am feeling so huge this time around… but looking at the pictures, my belly doesn’t seem to be any bigger than with my other girls. I’m currently weighing a couple of pounds less this time, so I don’t know why I feel so big.