baby #3: 23 weeks

23weeksBaby’s size: Just over a foot long, and she weighs about 1.25 pounds! Apparently, this is the equivalent of a chinchilla or a large mango. I kind of can’t believe she’s so big already!

Maternity clothes?: I switched to maternity pants this week… ahhhhh-mazing. I’m still wearing some regular tops, but I’m mostly going for comfort these days, so loose shirts (maternity or not) are my favorites.

Gender: Girl!

Symptoms: Just feeling my belly stretching and growing.

Sleep: Good, it just seems like I never get enough! I nap whenever I get the chance.

Movement: Her craziness continues. There’s no way I could forget she’s in there because she makes herself well-known with all the kicking and punching! Michael and Kaya have both tried to feel her move, but haven’t had any luck so far. She’ll stop kicking as soon as any hand other than mine tries to feel her._MG_3248Cravings: Nothing in particular this week.

What I miss: Just running faster!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’ve had quite a bit of nausea this week. There aren’t any specific triggers, but I just don’t feel so great at certain times of the day. Usually I wake up and my stomach is already turning.
Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: Ran 30.8 miles, walked 2.2 miles. My longest run was 6 miles. Fitbit total steps: 103,790 steps.

Mood: This week was a little crazy with getting ready for the birthday party and hosting guests, so I was a little stressed at times, but overall, feeling good.

Best moment this week: Celebrating Kaelyn’s second birthday!

Looking forward to: Fourth of July and seeing more family!

Comparison: 23 weeks with Kaya; 23 weeks with Kaelyn. I’m thinking that my belly looks pretty much the same across all three pregnancies so far (even though I have felt a lot bigger this time around)!