baby #3: 18 weeks

(written May 21st… a few days late, since we were out of town! 🙂 )18weeks_1Baby’s size: About 5.5 inches long from head to rump, and weighing in at around 7 ounces! Apparently, this is about the same size as a sweet potato… or according to the Ovia app, also a sugar glider, a slingshot, or a croissant. Haha.
Maternity clothes?: All regular clothes still! I do choose shorts over my jeans though whenever I can- the jeans still button, but they are definitely less comfortable.
Gender: We are pretty sure we know… but we’re waiting to announce at 20 weeks, after confirming it at our anatomy scan! I seriously cannot wait to share!
Symptoms: A very crampy belly while we were on vacation this week… probably just due to sitting in the car for so many hours and not being diligent about drinking enough water. I also think it’s partly just growing pains!
Sleep: Restless this week while on vacation and sleeping somewhere other than home, but normally, I’ve been sleeping pretty soundly and getting up to use the bathroom only once at night.
Movement: I felt a few kicks this week that were so much stronger than anything I’ve felt so far! I think this baby is going to be a crazy mover like Kaya was. Baby also starts moving a whole lot after I have something cold, like water or ice cream.
Cravings: Greek gyros and Nutella… I know, so bad, but SO good!
What I miss: Sometimes I miss feeling like I look fit… my belly is in that awkward “did she eat too many donuts?” stage, and even though I’m grateful we have an obviously-growing baby in there, it can be hard to see all your physical fitness going downhill. I also just feel like I’m showing a lot earlier this time… but I guess that’s to be expected with baby #3!18weeks_2Anything making you queasy or sick?: Greek yogurt and Italian vinaigrette still smell so disgusting to me… But as long as I’m not eating them (and believe me, I’m not, just serving them to the kids), I’m alright.
Belly Button in or out?: In.
Exercising?: I started the week out with a cold… and then we were on vacation, and I forgot my GPS watch. So I’m not exactly sure on the number, but I still ended up running about 20 miles or so.
Mood: Happy!
Best moment this week: Going on our family beach vacation!
Comparison: 18 weeks with Kaya; 18 weeks with Kaelyn