baby #3: the details

I thought it’d be fun to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been getting this time around… and just do one big update! I’m also just so excited that it’s our turn to do all this again! 🙂17weeks_1

To start, we’ve nicknamed this baby “Pumpkin”… because what better moniker is there for an October baby? (Remember how Kaya was “Munchkin” and Kaelyn was “Peanut”?). I love having something to call the baby other than “It” for the first little while, and Pumpkin seemed to fit perfectly.

Have you felt any different this time around?
Not at all! It’s actually kind of crazy how eerily similar this pregnancy is to my other two- especially my first. Exhaustion and morning sickness sum up my first trimester really well every time, but otherwise, I’ve been feeling good.

Do Kaya and Kaelyn know about the pregnancy?
Kaelyn is oblivious, and I’m guessing she’ll stay that way until either my belly is huge or we bring the baby home. Kaya, on the the other hand, definitely understands that there is “just a little baby” in my tummy, and is SO excited! She kisses, hugs, sings to, and just cuddles up to my belly all the time. This baby has already brought her so much happiness. I just know my heart is going to explode with emotion the first time I see her hold her new sibling.

How far apart will the kids be?
Kaya turns 4 just a few weeks before this one is due, and Kaelyn will be 27 months. I would have had them just as close as my first two (21 months apart), but it took a little longer to get pregnant this time (about 8 months). When it comes down to it, I have faith in God’s timing, and I’m actually really happy to have another Fall baby. (here’s our first ultrasound at 10 weeks!)10weekultrasound_bw1crop

Any morning sickness?
YES. I’ve had more of the “all-day-long” morning sickness this time around (just like with Kaya), and spent a whole lot of time on the couch in the first trimester. I started feeling a lot better just before the second trimester began.

I barely tried to cook real meals during those tougher weeks, just because I knew that most foods and smells would set off my nausea. Thankfully, Michael really is the best and took over making sure dishes got done and some kind of food was on the table for the kids. It’s a good thing they’re all happy with just PB&Js or pizza.

Chicken, cheese, Greek yogurt, beans, and Italian salad dressing have been big aversions for me this time. I also didn’t eat a chocolate chip cookie for about 2 months… that’s practically eternity for me!

I’ve noticed that I crave real fruit or fruity-flavored things this time. I actually started sucking on Kaya’s Dumdum lollipops when I would feel nauseous, and it seemed to help. Donuts, brownies, pizza, Chinese food, and Subway subs were most of the things my stomach could handle when I felt my sickest.


Are we going to find out the gender?
Confession: We actually went and found out the gender EARLY (at 15 weeks) this time! However, I am waiting until we have it confirmed at our 20-week anatomy scan before we make an official announcement. 🙂 Many people automatically assume we want a boy after already having two girls… but I can honestly say, we would be overjoyed with either a prince or princess. We are just very grateful for this little baby.

15weekultrasound_babyprofile_enhancedcropHave you felt movement yet?
This little person has been very active at both of our ultrasounds… and seemed to have some pretty serious hiccups at the 10-week one! I’ve been feeling flutters since 13 weeks, and I’m pretty sure it’s those little legs kicking! I almost always feel it on my right side.

Have you still been running?
Yes! I’m actually really proud to say that with this pregnancy (so far), this is the best I’ve done with keeping up with my desired mileage! I am already a lot slower (10-minute miles on average, unless I have a running buddy to keep me going), but I’m doing what feels good and stopping for water and bathroom breaks if I go more than 6 miles. I was blessed to be able to run up until delivery with my other two, and I’m so hoping it goes that way again!

Pumpkin, you are so wanted, prayed for, and loved. Only about 5 more months until we meet you!