easter 2016 dresses

This post is mostly for myself to look back on and laugh… because I took probably 30 photos of them in their dresses, but I’ve got a toddler who won’t look at the camera, and a preschooler who just won’t stop jumping. It makes for some pretty hilarious pictures!

This one actually turned out pretty cute. I love when they hold hands. Sometimes, they run up and down the hallway, hand-in-hand, going as fast as they can without tripping. It’s like a game!_MG_1407I was cracking up when I was going through these, because most of them looked like this:
_MG_1392 She’s getting good at giving the stink-eye…_MG_1404 I love having two little girls so close in age. Matching ruffly dresses and patent leather shoes make my heart swoon a little._MG_1387 _MG_1382 Obviously, she has some serious things weighing on her mind._MG_1421CHEESE!

  • Rose Smith

    This is so cute!!

    • Tara Irwin

      Thanks Rose! 🙂