hiking the cascades

Michael took some vacation time last week, and on his first day off, we decided to hike the Cascades! It was our very first hike with kids (I can’t believe we haven’t gone since before Kaya was born), and overall, it went really well.
IMG_20150817_095244 IMG_20150817_095200 Kaya was a trooper and hiked about 1.5 miles of the 4-mile trail. That is no small feat, especially since there were a lot of rocks and somewhat steep slopes.IMG_20150817_095919 IMG_20150817_095935Both girls loved watching the water move down the river. I loved watching them enjoy nature. IMG_20150817_100027 IMG_20150817_100051After about an hour and a half, we reached the amazing waterfall at the top.IMG_20150817_113709 IMG_20150817_114514 We let Kaya take her shoes and socks off to feel the icy cold water with her toes.IMG_20150817_114410 She loved it.IMG_20150817_114543 I’m so grateful for this little family of mine and these beautiful places to explore together.IMG_20150817_115515 We made our way back down, which almost seemed more difficult for Kaya to navigate than the way up. I will admit, there were some slippery parts of the trail that I was nervous about traversing while wearing Kaelyn. We might wait until they are a bit older to do this particular hike again.IMG_20150817_120307 Both kids were so exausted that they fell asleep before we even reached the bottom of the trail.IMG_20150817_124153These simple memories together are some of the sweetest.