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This little girl and the way she melts my heart… she just.won’t.quit. And really, I hope she never does because I love every bit of her huge heart and tenderness. Now that she’s talking a whole lot more (4-word sentences, people!), she’s more fun than ever! I thought I’d jot down a few of the sweet things she’s done lately._MG_7283

(I like to quiz her while we’re driving in the car. This was last week…)
Me: Hey Peeky, who are your friends?
Kaya: Liyah (Aaliyah), Monny (Mia), Mommy…
Me: (thinking she said “Mia” twice, because the way she pronounces it sounds like “mommy” but with “n” instead of “m”): Who? Mia?
Kaya: No, Mommy!!!
Me (heart melting into a big puddle under the driver’s seat): Mommy? I’m your friend?
Kaya: YEAH!!!

(Kaelyn is playing with whatever it is Kaya wants. This happens pretty much all the time…)
Kaya: Heeey Baba Grace, tray (trade)? (Kaya then gives the baby a less-desirable item and takes the coveted toy… which often results in Kaelyn crying…)

(I was doing a different ab workout yesterday, which included lateral hip raises… my hips get sore really easily ever since I had Kaelyn, so I was hurting a little bit)
Kaya: (stops what she’s playing and comes over to me) OK, Mommy? (she puts her hand on my back and gently strokes my shoulder)

“Here ya go. More?” – She loooves to play in her kitchen and pretend to pour us drinks. I always ask for a milkshake or ice cream, and she always remembers to include an invisible pretend spoon with my cup. Haha.

(Kaelyn is putting something in her mouth that she shouldn’t… like my phone or Kaya’s toy cookies)
Kaya: Noooo Baba Grace! (takes phone from her). Eat phone again, room! (translation: If you eat the phone again, you’ll go to your room).
Kaelyn obviously puts the phone back in her mouth, since she doesn’t understand. And no, my baby doesn’t actually get timeouts in her room…
Kaya: Okay Baba Grace, ROOM! (and she tries to pick her up. this makes me laugh so hard every time…)

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130 miles for diabetes

Michael completed yet another bike race this past weekend! It was his fifth Tour de Cure race and third 100-mile race, and although he had to cope with the worst weather yet, he did it! It was a bleak, rainy day, and he was pretty wet and cold by the end of it.Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset The best part about this year? His mom joined him for the 30-mile route! They both did so great! Total, they raised $2400 for the American Diabetes Association.Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset We ended up staying back home instead of traveling to the race with Michael. I was sad not to be there to see him cross the finish line, but after seeing how bad the weather was, it was probably better that we didn’t go.

With staying inside because of the rain and Michael having the car, we did our best to get crazy indoors. I made Kaya’s first-ever braid! I know it’s totally tiny and imperfect… but hey, she had enough hair to do it! I was excited and she loved it.
_MG_7274 We painted a lot of pictures. And Kaya painted over my pictures (please notice how she turned Kaelyn into just a blotted-out blob…)Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset  Michael got home super late on Saturday night (it was technically almost Sunday)! Both girls were so happy to wake up and see Daddy for the first time in two days!_MG_7289

I love these two little rascals, and we really had the best time we could have had at home without Daddy, but I will say- parenting by myself for a couple days with zero help totally wore me out! I have so much respect for moms who don’t regularly have their husbands home to help with baths and bedtime. Even just a couple hours with him home makes a big difference! 🙂_MG_7284

five on friday: walks, chinese food, and sisters

We had such a fantastic week, filled with the kind of little moments that I love. Here are my favorite things:

ONE. Spending so much time out in the sunshine with my sidekicks. Seriously… there’s no one else I’d rather spend my days with. It was still a bit chilly most days, as you can surely tell by looking at Kaelyn’s adorable sweater and hat (both made by Grandma, by the way)! Kaya rocks those sunglasses any chance she gets.PhotoGrid_1429640554762 TWO. We had a family dinner date out to a Chinese buffet! It’s been sooo long since we did anything like that, and it was so fun to get out as a family. Kaya loves Chinese so much that she probably eats more in one sitting than she does during a whole week of home-cooked dinners! We let her have ice cream for dessert, and she insisted on using her fork. Hilarious! Also, don’t mind her super-messy-played-outside-sunscreeny hair…Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset THREE. These two… playing together. There is nothing sweeter, and I just love watching them grow to adore each other more and more each day. Kaya set up this little pretend picnic for them. She spoon-fed Kaelyn some fake yogurt, and then gave her a felt donut. Kaya had a pretend slice of cake and offered me some grapes!_MG_7264

FOUR. Baby laughter is my favorite sound ever. I also just love how Kaya made her giggle so hard that she was throwing her head back and laughing! #cutestbabyever

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FIVE. What better way to start Friday off than with a chocolate-glazed donut? Or two. Haha. Thank you Michael for spoiling me with these! 🙂
Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetHappy weekend!

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dear kaya (2.5 years)

Dear Kaya,

I’m a whole month late on writing you this letter, mostly because there is so much to say, and it’s so hard to sum up all of you into just a few paragraphs.

You are a little girl with a giant personality. In public and around people you don’t know very well, you’re quiet and shy, but with friends and family, your energy can fill up a room! You’re crazy and hilarious, sweet and gentle. You, my first baby, have a special way of making my heart so full it’s about to burst. The love I felt for you from the very beginning continues to renew itself day after day._MG_6915

You are a comedian, always making jokes and waiting for us to burst into laughter. You love to make Kaelyn giggle like crazy, whether you’re tickling her or saying some funny phrase.

You love to have your picture taken, and sometimes even ask me to take one (if I don’t already have my camera out)! You love to take pictures and videos of us, too, and will usually try to get us to look at the camera by saying “Look! Olaf!”, as if he’s standing behind you. I love your imagination. You also love to pretend to cook, talk on the phone (usually to Uncle Jeff), and soothe your “crying” baby doll or Kitty.

Speaking of Kitty, he’s still always wherever you are. You carry him under your arm, just like you have ever since you could walk. He’s real to you and is your very best friend. I love watching you care so deeply for something. You’re so nurturing, gentle, and loving both to Kitty and your real baby sister. It doesn’t matter how many times I wash him; he still seems to have a brownish tinge to him, although once upon a time he was a fluffy orange. He’s worn out from the adventures you have together each day (I think sometimes, as your mom, I could say the same!).

I hope I always remember that feeling I get when you run over to me and hug my legs in between your trips down the slide, or when you come out to give me one more kiss and cuddle before you go to sleep at night (even if it is just your way of stalling bedtime). You are a daddy’s girl through and through, but you show me a tenderness that I hope will always be there.

Out of all the nicknames you have, you decided that you like to be called “Peeky”. We used to call you Baby Bird, then Birdy… and when we’d play peekaboo, we’d say “peekabird!” instead. Peekabird was shortened to Peeky, and I thought it was hilarious when you started referring to yourself that way. You know your real name is Kaya, but you prefer to use your nickname for sure.

You love animals and being outside. Even when we’re indoors, you load your baby and Kitty up in your shopping cart and pretend that you’re taking them for a walk._MG_6918I never want to forget the way your hair curls and glows a deep golden hue in the sun, or your big smile and gorgeous hazel eyes. You are so beautiful, inside and out.

_MG_6924I love you, Peeky. You are the light of my world.

Love, Mommy

run bike eat (weekend)

We had the most beautiful weather this past weekend, so we took advantage of it with plenty of exercising and cooking out. My favorite days are the ones we spend outside (and with friends)!

The morning was perfect, so I started running and just kept on going. Michael also put in 42 miles on his bike!


My running buddy definitely earned his right to lick the bottom of the peanut butter jar! 🙂_MG_7192

Later in the day, we had a cookout with Ben and Brittany! Hotdogs, grapes, and cookie bars were on the menu._MG_7214

Also, it’s really hard to get three babies smiling (or even looking) at the camera all at once._MG_7199

I love these two buddies! 🙂 It’s a good thing I took this when I did, because not long afterward, Kaya saw a bug and was so afraid that it ruined her whole evening. Every little speck of dirt turned into “a buggy!” and she was almost inconsolable. Poor baby.

Kaelyn was happy as a clam just sitting on a blanket with baby Caroline!_MG_7209

Until she started throwing punches (not really)! Haha._MG_7220

On Sunday morning, I had a Young Women meeting to go to. I brought these muffins. They’re a lot different from my usual recipe, but if you like your muffins fluffy and looking like they came from a bakery (and who doesn’t?) you need to give these a try!_MG_7243Michael somehow ended up sleeping in Kaya’s bed, and this was the position they were in when I left for my meeting. I’m really not sure how Kaya could be comfortable, but I guess she was, since they slept in until 9:30!

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 presetHappy Tuesday! How was your weekend?

five on friday: a great baby and some good eats

ONE. With all the rain we’ve been having (plus Kaya being sick), we only made it out for one walk this week. This sweet baby definitely enjoyed her fresh air (and 30-minute nap in the stroller, which she so desperately needed but never would have taken at home)! I think she just has the cutest little scrunchy-faced grin. 🙂Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

TWO. Kaelyn definitely enjoyed playing with anything she wanted to while Kaya vegged out on the couch this week. It’s not often that she gets to even touch any of Kaya’s toys without there being some sort of toddler protest. The shape sorter is a pretty hot commodity around here!_MG_7175 (p.s.- her baby blues… be still my heart!)_MG_7184

THREE. We had the sister missionaries over for dinner this week, and I tried this new enchilada recipe. It was a hit and SO easy!

FOUR. We also might’ve gone through a whole tray of these cookie bars in a week. Oops. I haven’t made them for at least a year, but they were just as amazing as we remembered!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset FIVE. No cookies for this peanut, but she did get to try some pureed veggies this week.  It seems like she’s more of a fruit lover, so these vegetables didn’t thrill her. She’s such a good sport (and an amazing baby) that she gave them a fair try anyway. Love this messy little face!Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetHappy weekend! 🙂

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sick days

As a mom, I don’t think anything breaks my heart more than seeing my babies sick or hurting. I hate to see them so miserable and wish that I could take all the pain away from them and bear it myself.

Poor Kaya had a rough start to the week. She had a cough on Sunday that eventually turned into a high fever on Monday.Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

103.6 axillary temperature. Poor thing couldn’t stop sweating and just wanted to lounge on the couch for two whole days. She would sometimes become shaky, and I was so worried about her fever that we took her in to the pediatrician.

Luckily, the doctor said it just seemed like a virus, and she’s finally feeling better after some rest, daddy cuddles, and ice cream. She’s back to acting crazy, cracking jokes, and making sure Kaelyn doesn’t touch any of her favorite toys._MG_7187It was too quiet around here without all of her silly shenanigans. I’ll take the loud, fun-loving girl any day!

weekend band

Our weekend was jam-packed with activities. Busy, productive, and fun are the three words that seem to describe our lives pretty well right now!

We kicked off our Friday with a bang- literally, with Kaya “drumming” on her tray at lunchtime. Kaelyn thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, and I of course, had to take a video. I accidentally took a picture while I was recording, but I’m so glad I did, because their happy faces are just too adorable.Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Kaya says “freeze!” to make the music stop!

Kaelyn had a hard time falling asleep for her nap on Friday, so I ended up holding her while she slept. She woke up so happy (which is not true for when she naps alone; she usually wakes up crying), and I didn’t mind the extra cuddles. Up until a couple months ago, this is what we did every afternoon. I knew I would miss it, and I was right.Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetSaturday morning was a 5.22-mile run for me, and a 38-mile bike ride for Michael! We met up with Michael’s grandpa and two of his cousins for lunch, and then I headed off for an engagement photoshoot in the early evening. After a week of clouds and rain, we had gorgeous weather and some perfect lighting!_MG_7157Happy Tuesday!

five on friday: hey dude!

Happpppy Friday! Five memorable moments from the week:

ONE. Kaya and her animals… she’s already a horse girl. We saw some of the horses I actually used to help care for a couple years back, and Kaya could not have been more content than to just stand there and watch them eat grass. Here she is with Chance… and now she names all her fruit snacks after him and has them make a blowing sound just like a real horse before she gobbles them up. (and no, her fruit snacks aren’t horse-shaped… they actually look like fruit. go figure!)Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset TWO. Clearance Easter candy. The best three words that can ever be said together, am I right? (okay, maybe besides “I love you”)… Cadbury eggs are my favorite and you can never go wrong with a stockpile of M&Ms for baking!Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset THREE. Because a pile of pillows and stuffed animals on the floor is waaay better than having them piled on your bed. Kaya constructed this mess, and I love how she even tucked herself in! Also, please notice Scruffy the teddy bear wearing her polo. She wants to change his name to “Panda”, but that could get confusing with two other animals already answering to that moniker in our house.04072015collage1 FOUR. Today is the end of an era- Jeff and Lelia are moving out of town. This was the fastest two years of my life, and I can’t believe it’s already time for them to have a new adventure. We went over there to help them load boxes last night and say our (temporary) goodbyes. I’m sad to see them go, but excited for all the new opportunities and experiences they’re about to have in this new stage of life. We love you guys!Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

FIVE. Love this girl and all the crazy things she says. “Hey dude!”

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Hope you have a great weekend, “dude”! 🙂

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easter baskets and brunch

Our Easter Sunday was filled with family, good food, and General Conference! We went to bed with our tummies and hearts so full… and isn’t that when you just know you’ve had one of the best days?

I was up earlier than everyone else to get started on some donuts for brunch later, so I was pretty excited while waiting for my girls to wake up and see their baskets. I was straightening up in the living room when Kaya leaned over the gate to her room and said “Hellooo. Clean up?” I probably rushed her out of her room too quickly because I was so happy to see her awake!

It was this little sweetie’s last “first” holiday! She loved the eggs and wrapping on the baskets.
_MG_6968 _MG_6971 Kaya wanted to make some ice cream cones right away!_MG_6975 … and then this happened. Haha.icecream04052015 Kaelyn mostly just loved playing with her basket and wouldn’t have cared if we never even opened it!_MG_6977 “Ooo… Owaf!”_MG_6982 _MG_6984 Kaelyn only wanted her sippy cup…_MG_6987 … and Kaya was ready to take all her toys (which is nothing out of the ordinary, anway)!_MG_6986 _MG_6990 We also surprised Michael with a basket! I gave it to Kaya, and she ran out of the den yelling “PRISE!!!” She was so happy to show Daddy what she had for him. 🙂_MG_6993 _MG_6996 These might not be the prettiest donuts, but they were delicious for sure. You don’t need a donut pan, and they’re baked, not fried! If you love cinnamon-sugar, give these a try (recipe here)._MG_7008 Jeff and Lelia brought waffles; Mom and Dad brought bacon and strawberries, and we had a feast! Everything was so delicious. Kaya probably ate a pound of strawberries!

_MG_6999 Grandma had some good cuddle time with the girls!_MG_7002 We tried to get a good picture of them in the matching skirts I made, but Kaya just wasn’t in the mood for it. We tried to bribe her with M&Ms, and Kaelyn was so anxious to try and get hold of some!_MG_7014Oh well. We all had such a great holiday together!
_MG_7016Hope you had a fantastic Easter!

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