five on friday: a prankster, bubbles, and baby blues

ONE. This week has been full of ups and downs (quite literally, with how often I’m jumping up to run to the bathroom) with potty training. I’ve also realized I’m working with a prankster! She’ll tell me “pee!” and then as soon as I jump to come get her, she cackles and says “noooo”. I love this crazy comedian.

_MG_6327TWO. If Kaelyn comes to your house, don’t offer her a drink- she’ll probably just spit in it! Haha. She is still all about blowing raspberries and spit bubbles over here._MG_6318THREE. Apparently, so is Michael. Not much has changed in two years (he’s even wearing the same shirt)!michaelraspberriescollage15FOUR. The way these two just look at each other and make each other laugh… I know one day they’ll be giggling late into the night in their room when they’re supposed to be sleeping. 🙂_MG_6329FIVE. These baby blues. Be still my heart! _MG_6332I’m also just maybe a little obsessed with animal-themed hooded towels. If only they could stay little enough to use these forever! 🙂_MG_6337
Happy Friday!

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