february 2015 goals

February is here! I couldn’t be happier, since January is probably my least favorite month. It’s just kind of dreary after the holidays, am I right? February is a favorite… it’s my birth month (and Valentine’s day!), so it’s like one big party.

Anyway, I did great with my goals back in January:

1. Deep clean the refrigerator.
2. Switch outgrown baby clothes for the next size/organize drawers/organize stored clothing.
3. Donate unused/unwanted items.
4. Do a “double backup” of all photos from 2013.
5. Ab work 2-3 times a week. I think I missed two days. Whoops.
6. Do one craft project.
7. Read one book. I read two, which is really good for me! Woohoo!

february2015goals1. Get Kaya potty-trained. We are already working on this… and she’s currently doing pretty well. I would just love to be finished with this whole ordeal this week, ideally.

2. Organize/purge under the bathroom sinks.

3. Make two new bread recipes.

4. Export and backup 2014 photos.

5. Sew something.

6. Crochet something. I really want to learn to crochet… and I started trying maybe a year ago, but didn’t get very far. So here’s to making something- even if it is just a teeny little granny square.

7. Read one book.

8. Abs. Always for the rest of my life.