kaelyn: 7 months

(written January 28th)_MG_6254

Height: 26 inches (according to our measuring, which doesn’t make any sense compared to her last two recorded heights… but that’s what we got, so I’m going with it.)
15 pounds exactly!
Clothing size: All 6-9 month stuff! Although I can still squeeze her into 3-6 month onesies and pants if needed (aka when she has a leaky diaper and that’s all that’s in the diaper bag…)
Deep steel blue. I read an article that claims you can tell if a baby’s eyes will change color by looking at them from the side (which allows you to see the color without a reflection from the back of the iris). If the iris looks blue under this method, they’re likely to remain blue. Well… I tried it on Kaelyn a few times, and hers are crystal clear, which would mean that there’s little or no melanin present… but like all things, only time will tell. It’s just fun to guess, and I thought that random fact was fun to include!_MG_6261Nursing: It sure feels like she goes a lot longer between feedings… I’d guess it’s still about 2.5-3 hours. We also gave her just a taste of peanut butter (per our pediatrician’s recommendation to help prevent an allergy later in life), but she didn’t even acknowledge it- no lip smacking, no grossed-out face… nothing! Other than that, she hasn’t had any solid food yet.
Favorite things:
Playing airplane, kicking her feet in the bath, laughing at Kaya, and crumpling up paper! Favorite toys are her Valentine puppy and duck teething ring._MG_6219Dislikes: Getting buckled into the car seat and getting her shirt slipped over her head.
Sleep: She goes to bed around 7:30, and usually wakes up to eat between 2-3 am. I wake her up around 6:30 to feed her again before I go run. Sometimes she stays awake after that, other times, she goes back to bed. I’d also like to note that we stopped swaddling her, and she did just fine._MG_6232She has even started taking real naps! For the first part of the month, she’d take one around 10 am, for about 1.5 to 2 hours. I don’t know what changed, but now, she gets tired, passes out nursing, and wakes up as soon as I lay her down. So much for a morning nap, but I’m not complaining, because by 1 pm, she is more than ready to go down at the same time Kaya does. I set up the pack-n-play in my room for her to nap in, and I added some padding (the mat it comes with is hard as a rock, and I think it might’ve been why she wouldn’t nap long in it before). I put her sleep sack on, nurse her, and give her her favorite blanket, and the past few days, she’s been napping for about 2 hours. She apparently just needs to be tucked in really well!

Nicknames: Baba, Angelbaby, Fuzzy, Princess, Monkey, Kaecake._MG_6172Milestones, etc.: -She’s sitting up for (very) short periods of time. She still topples over a lot, so I put the boppy pillow around her to help her.
-She easily transfers objects between each hand.
-She is a wiggler! She can wiggle and “throw” her body toward whatever she’s trying to see or grab. I still seem to think she’s my tiny, helpless baby, so these crazy moves catch me off guard every time!_MG_6177 -She understands peekaboo and LOVES it!
-She still doesn’t have true “stranger anxiety”. I can hand her over to anyone and she’s all smiles!
-She’s hardcore and can do a sit-up all by herself!
-She loves looking at herself in the mirror (I almost always let her see herself right after we get jammies and her sleep sack on)!
-We have “squealing” conversations. She’ll say “ahhhhhh!” and I’ll say it back. We keep going like that for a few minutes, and she smiles from ear to ear the whole time.

Dear Kaelyn,

You are the light of my world! I love how much you love to snuggle and be held, and I’m secretly wishing you’ll always be a mama’s girl.

Everyone comments on how calm and relaxed you always are. I definitely brag about your easy-going nature- you’ve made this mommy-of-two gig pretty easy for me, and for that, I am SO grateful._MG_6184

I say it every time, but I really mean it now- this has been the fastest month yet! In a way, I wish I could freeze time and keep you exactly as you are- giggly with all those adorable baby rolls all over your body. I also love the way you crinkle up your nose when you smile real big._MG_6258

Most people still say you look like your mama. I think you got the shape of my eyes and my dimples, but other than that, I think you actually resemble your daddy! Either way, you are truly beautiful.


Happy 7 months Baby Girl!kaelynmonth7collage