five on friday! (01/30)

ONE. Our biggest news of the week has to be that little Miss Kaya is officially undergoing potty training… and it was all self-initiated! She just started asking to go sit on the potty… and keeps having success! She’s still currently wearing her diaper, but hey, we’re making progress, albeit slowly. I am so proud of my big girl! She gets a sticker on her paper every time she goes.

_MG_6227 TWO. I have finally figured out how to get Kaelyn to nap in the afternoon! I tuck her in all cozy and warm, and she sleeps for about two hours. It is so strange having a couple hours all to myself… but it’s great, and everyone is happier when the baby is well-rested! 🙂_MG_6234 THREE. In my attempt to stop eating cookie dough in the middle of the afternoon, I’ve started having yogurts. These cookies-n-creme yogurts might not be much healthier than ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies… but hey, they taste amazing (and who could pass up a 35-cent snack?)!_MG_6231 FOUR. I’ve been wishing for a bigger crockpot for ages now, and I saw a deal on one last weekend on Amazon. I got excited, but like always, I hesitated to order it, because I truly don’t like spending money (especially for something I want). Michael went ahead and just ordered it for me, and it came this week. I married a pretty great guy… and I can’t wait to use this for making homemade “rotisserie” chicken! (also, is there anything cuter than a baby in a box?)_MG_6221 FIVE. Love these little buddies. They are best friends, and I’m grateful for their company in the kitchen while I cook. (and yes, Jax is always lurking in the background… haha!)_MG_6208Happy weekend to you all!

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