baby #2: 25 weeks

_MG_1641Baby’s size: The book says she’s 8.75 inches long from crown to rump (13.5 inches long from head to toe), and 1.5 pounds. However, according to my midwife, I’m measuring about a week behind. She said it could just be because I’m a tiny girl (and tiny girls don’t want to have big babies, anyway)… Or I think maybe my due date is just a few days off, since it’s only based off of measurements at our 11-week ultrasound anyway.
Maternity clothes?: All maternity pants, and I started trying to wear some maternity tops this week too, although they are still very long. Regular tops are just too short though! I’ve also started stealing Michael’s sweatpants for bed.
Gender: Little baby GIRL!
Sleep: One of my favorite times of the day is curling up on the couch under my quilt and taking a nap!
Movement: LOTS! She’ll sometimes kick at whatever is touching my belly… I love putting my hand on her and “playing” that way. She’s big enough now that some of her movements this week were just a little uncomfortable. I don’t know if she was turning around or what in there, and honestly I’m not sure how she’s positioned right now. I used to her feel kicks on my left side, but now I feel them super low and right in the middle of my belly.
Cravings: Fried chicken??? It’s something I almost never eat so I haven’t had any. Poptarts are still so enticing, too.
What I miss: Rolling over in bed easier… But I know it’s going to get so much harder! I also miss running faster.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: This has been a pretty great week 🙂 It seems like milk still makes me a little queasy in the morning, but it’s not enough to make me stop drinking it.
Belly Button in or out?: In.
Exercising?: Ran 18 miles and walked 6. I’m definitely feeling the belly these days, so it might be more of a shuffle than a run. It also seems like the beginning of my run is the hardest, and the farther I go, the better I feel.
Mood: Happy 🙂
Best moment this week: Spending some time in the sunshine with friends!
Comparison: 25 weeks with Kaya!25weekcomparison