baby #2: 18 weeks

(written January 29th)

I still don’t think I really have a bump to show (and the sweater doesn’t help you see much, either, but it was SO COLD and I really still wanted to take the picture outside)… but here we go 🙂 I’m so excited to write these posts again!_MG_1190

Baby’s size: Crown-to-rump length is 5 to 5.5 inches and weight is about 5.25 ounces.
Maternity clothes?: None yet. My jeans are a size smaller this time around, so I want to wear them even less… but they still button. Maternity jeans are still way too baggy. I tried them one day this week, but I kind of looked like a gangsta with my pants on the ground. Ha.
Gender: We find out in exactly two weeks! I’m so ready for the suspense to be over!
Sleep: I bought a body pillow a few weeks ago, and it is saving my sleep. I don’t know why I didn’t get one last time!
Movement: I’ve been feeling tiny flutters since 11 weeks! I definitely feel Peanut getting stronger every week. Tonight I felt three huge kicks/punches/somethings! I usually feel him/her the most late at night and then again early in the morning when I’m waking up. I’ve missed this so much.
Cravings: Let me just say… I have cravings, but most of the time, I don’t indulge them. On the list this week: frosted mini-wheats, pizza, spaghettios (gross, right?), ice cream, and chocolate-chip cookies. I also crave donuts pretty much 24/7 but haven’t had any since Christmas.
What I miss: Feeling like my clothes fit well, but otherwise, nada.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’m not cooking meat. If I’m not careful, milk will turn my stomach, but I think that’s mostly over now. Picking up after the dog/changing diapers was pretty difficult up until this week, too.
Belly Button in or out?: In for sure.
Exercising?: I’ve been great about keeping up with my running, but these polar vortexes the last week or so have been interfering with my mileage. I’m still doing 4-6 miles each time I go out.
Mood: Feeling so blessed. I also cry at the drop of a hat. Don’t tell me any sad stories!
Best moment this week: Going to the Young Women’s New Beginnings activity (for church), and being able to feel so spiritually uplifted. I love that I get to serve them now. It was also great to have a couple of snow days to just rest and enjoy staying in.
Looking forward to: My birthday in two weeks and finding out if we get a prince or a princess! 🙂
Comparison: 18 weeks with Kaya!18weekcomparison