a little birdy birthday | kaya’s first birthday party

I’m finally sharing Kaya’s birthday party from two weeks ago! We kept it pretty simple, but it was still adorable and I love the way it turned out. I really wanted to have a theme that meant something to us, and since Kaya’s nickname is “Baby Bird” (we probably call her “Birdy” 85% of the time, actually), I thought it’d be perfect to incorporate that into the party. I chose a pink and aqua color to go with the little birds and decorated/crafted accordingly._MG_9753 Look at all those presents! She is one very-loved little girl._MG_9772 This was my first fondant cake ever. Not perfect, but I’m actually quite impressed with how well I did. I just won’t tell you that the bottom layer of cake split into three pieces and I had to have help from both my mom and mom-in-law help get the fondant on top… but isn’t that baby bird precious?_MG_9777_MG_9775Chocolate with a chocolate-pudding filling. Mmmmmmm. Too bad Kaya doesn’t really care about cake._MG_9815 09212013photogrid2 I made her onesie myself with applique and fabric paint, inspired by this one.09212013photogrid1 (She didn’t get the horse for her birthday, but it’s one of her favorites and this is too cute to not include!)_MG_9749 Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lelia got her a drum, and she was quick to learn how to use it! She carries the drumsticks all around the house now._MG_9858 _MG_9863 _MG_9882Happy Birthday, Baby Bird. We love you!