double thanksgiving

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving on both Thursday AND Friday! It was great to be able to see both sides of our family (and stuff our faces full of food twice… what?!).

Our little “Baby Bird” (yep… that’s her official nickname these days) had her first Turkey Day! I just had to make her a special outfit to wear for this special occasion, and thanks to some Pinterest inspiration, Kaya looked pretty cute! (But who am I kidding? She’s my kid, so she’s cute to me no matter what she’s wearing… even if it’s puke, poop, or her birthday suit)…

And yeah, she barfed about 0.3 nanoseconds after I snapped this shot.

The original version of the onesie had those plastic googly eyes on it, because I figured they would stay on for the one day she was going to wear it.  WRONG! Do not put plastic eyes on your kids’ clothes. They WILL come off and you’ll feel like the worst parent ever because that’s a safety issue. (Not to mention your disappointment because your kid is wearing a shirt with a blind turkey on it…). So, she pretty much just wore it like this for the pictures, and I later replaced the eyes with fabric ones.

We celebrated at my parents’ house on Thursday. My mom always outdoes herself and makes so much delicious food.

Dessert with my family is just as big a deal as dinner. I made these Mrs. Field’s Recipe chocolate-chip cookies… and they were heavenly! It’s my new go-to chocolate chip recipe.

Friday was spent with Michael’s family. So much fun, as usual!