Yesterday, baby Kaya had her first set of shots (other than all the pokes she received in the hospital when she was born). I had nervously anticipated this day- so many people told me that I would definitely cry when she got vaccinated. I had imagined a traumatic experience where she was screaming and tears were rolling down both our faces, but I’m happy to say that it was nothing like that! My girl is a trooper. She cried while it was being done, but as soon as we cuddled her afterward, she was fine! (And if you’re wondering, I didn’t even shed a tear!)

The nurse called her “small and mighty”, since she may not have a lot of baby fat, but her thighs sure are muscular. I also love the random array of band-aids the nurse chose for her.

Nothing could ruin this girl’s day.

kaya- 2 months

This post is about a week late! We went home for Thanksgiving and couldn’t get a doctor appointment until today, and I just couldn’t post without having all her stats šŸ™‚

Height:Ā 23.75 inches (89th percentile!)
Weight:Ā 10 lbs 14 ounces (41st percentile)
Head Circumference: 15.5 inches (54th percentile)
Clothing size:Ā Most days she’s wearing 0-3 month onesies and pants. She has a couple of Carter’s brand 3-month size outfits and pajamas that fit, but still others are too big. Newborn pants are getting a little too short, and 3-month ones tend to be good in length, but they’re big in the waist on my skinny girl. I think it’s pretty much time to pack away the newborn things, but I’m a little sad that we’re done with them already!
Favorite things:Ā Smiling, telling us stories, her snail toy, staring at lights and colors (like the stained glass windows at church back home!), and getting her diaper changed. She gives us some of the biggest smiles when we’re changing her, and she grins even bigger when we shout “naked baby!”
Dislikes:Ā The carseat, having a stuffy nose, and getting the hiccups.
Sleep: Since she turned 7 weeks old, we started implementing an earlier bedtime. We figured out that she would stay up too late, get overtired because of it, and then have a harder time falling asleep. She now goes to bed between 8 and 9 pm, and will generally sleep until anywhere between 4-5:45 am, when she wants to eat again. I feed her, and she’ll sleep another hour or two. During the day, she’ll usually just take little catnaps, but it does seem like we’re starting to have decently long morning and afternoon naps this past week or so.
Milestones: -Holding up her head for relatively long periods of time
-Cooing and talking to us
-Smiling a LOT
-Recognizing us and responding to our voices. She definitely knows who her mommy and daddy are (and after a week at Michael’s parents’, she remembers her Grandma and Pawpaw too)!
-Standing on her legs and pushing up when we help her!

-Falling asleep at night all on her own! She doesn’t need to be rocked anymore. We put PJs and a new diaper on, fill up her belly, and put her down while she’s still somewhat awake.

When I look back at pictures from the beginning of month two, I can’t even believe how much she’s changed! She’s not a squishy little newborn anymore. While I am a little jaded by how quickly she’s growing up, I am so grateful for a healthy little girl. Every day is a little more fun than the last as she gets stronger and learns more about the world around her.

(Photo from Oct. 24th):

Photo from today:

Kaya’s been discovering all her different body parts and how to use them. Feet are for kicking, fingers are for sucking, hands are for grabbing… and a tongue is for sticking out, of course!

Tummy time is still either screaming/crying time, or she just passively lays there without doing anything. So much for exercise.

We just can’t get enough of her smile- it’s like a magic spell: anyone she grins at instantly falls in love.

She makes each day a little brighter.

I’m so grateful I get to fall more in love with her every day, and that she loves me back, even if I am still trying to figure out this whole “mom thing”.

santa baby

40 more days.

I just couldn’t resist doing it, even though Michael picked on me for it, since Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet.

Kaya has been been wearing Christmas footie pajamas this past week.

I may have a slight (ok, let’s be real: HUGE) obsession with Christmas, and baby pj’s are definitely one of my favorite things, so the combination of the two isĀ irresistible!

I’m actually really glad I broke that goofy “no Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving” rule, because this tall sweetie is almost already too lengthy for this outfit.

Santa would probably bring her anything she could ever want, but her only wish is to get her fists in her mouth.

food favorites

Recently, I’ve become very motivated to find easy and nutritious dinner recipes (okay, and dessert too… who can resist? I’m always on the lookout for something to satisfy my sweet tooth). I’ve actually tried a number of new things, so I thought I’d share a few of our favorites!

1. Easy Chicken Fried Rice. If you have a hankering for Chinese food and don’t want to spend money to eat out (or don’t want to buy a new pair of jeans because you overindulge at the Chinese buffet), this recipe is perfect.

2. Mac and Cheese. My Dad-in-law and I are obsessed with the mac and cheese from Cracker Barrel (he and I are pretty much twins and always order the same entree when we go there… what can I say, I lucked out when it comes to having awesome in-laws). Anyway, I’ve tried about a zillion different recipes to try and duplicate that oh-so-creamy-deliciousness, but I’ve always ended up disappointed… until now! This recipe is so easy- I actually left out the breadcrumbs and bacon, and it definitely wasn’t lacking in the flavor department. You can’t forget to make buttermilk biscuits to go with it!

3. Super Bean Burritos. Can you say “imitation Chipotle”? (I am just now realizing that all these recipes are imitations of restaurant food…). This one took a bit more preparation in advance, but putting it all together in the end was simple. It probably made about 13 burritos total, so we got about three dinners out of it. In the future I might try to freeze some burritos to eat later.

4. S’more Cookie Bars… or as I like to call our version, a “s’mores mess”, since we didn’t have any patience to wait for them to cool before we dug into them. Oh well! The appearance doesn’t change the taste!

5. Fudge Brownie Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting. I made these for Michael and Jeff while they watched the new Spiderman movie. When they each took a bite, there was nearly a chorus of “mmmmms”.

Have fun trying some new recipes (hopefully I didn’t make your stomach growl too much)!

little family

Before all the leaves fell off the trees and turned from brilliant gold to dreary brown, I wanted just a few photos of all of us in the beautiful fall scenery. Autumn is my very favorite season, and the trees seemed especially vibrant and colorful this year.

So, we actually took these pictures about 2 weeks ago, and I don’t know why I never posted any on here (maybe because I really thought we had only one good shot… we missed a lot of the good lighting I wanted, but that’s okay- running a little late sometimes happens when you have a hungry baby!)

I love Michael and Kaya so much. They really are my whole world. Sometimes it is still hard to believe that we are a little family of three! All the time I lived without them seems so insignificant compared to now.

We just had to do a silly kiss picture.

So thankful.


There’s been a whole lot of smiles, a whole lot of playing, and just a TON of adorableness around here lately. This little girl is becoming more and more fun every day! I love seeing her little personality emerging.

I wanted to post some photos, but I had a really hard time narrowing it down. I have about a ZILLION (no, seriously, we should probably start looking for another external hard drive at this rate). So, here are a “few” for your enjoyment!

Kaya is still loving that snail. She hits it to make it sing, but half the time she probably does it by accident because she loves to flail her arms around a lot.

Michael tried to imitate the expression she was making just before this photo was taken… obviously, she is not impressed with his impression.

She came with us to vote, and she was such a good girl. Slept through the whole thing, as usual! It was really cold and I was afraid we’d have to wait in line outside, so she wore her footie pajamas all day.

I love her goofy grin. This is the happiest she has ever been in the car seat! She was just babbling away, and I was lucky enough to get the camera out in time to catch a smile. I’m pretty sure she thinks my camera is hilarious, because she always smiles extra for it (or maybe it has something to do with the goofy voice I use to encourage her…)

how to carve your dragon

Well, we actually ended up carving our pumpkin on November 1st- whoops! In case you’re wondering, the fun factor is not at all diminished by the fact that Halloween is over. Chopping up a big vegetable will always be one of my favorite traditions, even if we are a day late doing it.

Michael and I have celebrated 5 Halloweens together, and this is only the second pumpkin we’ve ever carved as a family. The first one was done when we were still dating (we were the Flintstones and carved Dino into it. Classic.)

This year, we wanted to try something different than just a typical jack-o-lantern face. We contemplated cats, cows, puppies, and cats, but finally settled on a dragon design. We’re not really professional pumpkin carvers, but we tried. I think it kind of looks like a dragon, but if not, oh well- we had a good time doing it.