28 weeks!

How big is baby? 15.75 inches long and almost 2.5 pounds!
Maternity clothes? Still mixing regular and maternity clothes, but shirts that used to be plenty long are starting to barely cover my whole tummy. I also had to go get a new running shirt this week because I was constantly pulling it down. In the beginning of pregnancy, my workout shirt was a small and now I’m in a large. Wow!
Sleep: Starting to get a little tougher to get comfortable these days.
Best moment this week: Having my knee heal up enough to run my regular miles.
Movement: She is still one hyperactive little girl, but her movement seems a bit less erratic and crazy. I guess maybe she’s running out of room to do somersaults in there.
Food cravings: Donut holes! Sooo bad, I know.
Miss Anything? Comfortable sleeping.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The glucose test drink. Bleh.
Gender: Girl.
Belly Button in or out? In.
Exercising? Ran 24.88 miles this past week! I had another comment from a stranger on how “great” I am for still running. Those compliments are so encouraging and really push me to keep it up!
Mood: Happy and feeling so blessed.
Looking forward to: Seeing my FAMILY (including Lelia!!) this weekend!!!

And just because this is hilarious… Michael turned the camera on himself this week. The photo was originally upside-down, so at least I’ve fixed that much of it. I can’t fix the crazy face though, and I wouldn’t want to! I love being married to a goofball (but I still hope that Munchkin doesn’t make these faces)!