27 weeks

You even get a bonus view from the front this week!

How big is baby? 9.66 inches from crown to rump, 15.25 inches in length total, and a little over 2 lbs! Two of my girlfriends at institute this week said that she definitely looks lower. I feel like my stomach has grown and changed a whole lot in this past week.
Maternity clothes? Some days yes and some days no. I’ve only worn one maternity top (and it was still a little too big), but my jeans and shorts have come in pretty handy! Anything elastic is my best friend right now.
Sleep: Variable as usual. Some nights I get up a couple times to use the bathroom and some nights I don’t get up at all. Lately we’ve been staying up too late that I eventually just crash into a deep sleep.
Best moment this week: Hearing her heartbeat on the Doppler and having the midwife say it was “good and strong”.
Movement: She has had a few very crazy days, and then a few not-as-active days. She seems a little more shy when anyone (even me) touches my belly, and so sometimes instead of kicking back, she’ll just “hide”. She still likes to dance to music, though. Here’s a song she liked a lot today!
Food cravings: Ice cream (but as Michael says, that’s nothing new!)
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back. I get a little nervous when I wake up lying on my back, because supposedly that can cut off circulation to Munchkin.
Anything making you queasy or sick: For some reason, Frosted Mini Wheats were turning my stomach this week. Weird.
Gender: Little baby giiiirl!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Exercising? Still running, but I hurt my knee pretty badly so I was out of the game for awhile. I have eased back into it this week; taking it slow and being extra careful.
Mood: Happy, but a bit nervous… I think reality is starting to hit that anywhere in the next 10-13 weeks, I’ll have a little human who needs me for everything. I get a little scared that I won’t do the right things, or even love her as much as she deserves.
Looking forward to: The fair this weekend and spending time with my buddy!!