26 weeks

Time just won’t slow down for even a second!

How big is baby? Book says 9.25 inches from crown to rump (14 inches from head to heel) and almost 2 pounds!
Maternity clothes? YES, although I’m not wearing any in this week’s picture. I busted out the maternity jeans and let me tell you… if you’re waiting to try your maternity pants and feeling even a tiiiiiny bit uncomfortable in your regular jeans, just go for it! They are so comfortable and make me feel a lot better about my body than when I try to squeeze into some of my regular pants. I think munchkin likes them better too, because with regular pants that are semi-tight, she’ll kick at the waistband. I wouldn’t want to be squished either!
Sleep: Good nights and bad nights and lots of naps!
Best moment this week: Starting to really feel a bond with Munchkin. Sure, I’ve loved her from the beginning, but now I am starting to really see her personality as she kicks and dances. I love how she’ll tap on my hand and interact with me. I love that I get to wake up to her gentle morning wiggles. I love how she’s finally starting to interact a little bit with her daddy when he talks to her or touches her, instead of just being shy. I love HER and everything that she is.
Movement: TONS as usual, and she continues to amaze me with how much of my stomach she’s taken over. I feel like there’s not much room for her to reach any higher, but she keeps kicking higher and higher in my belly! Both Michael and I thought we could feel her little fist dragging across my belly a couple times this week. So cool! She also likes to “dance” to Sugarland and string orchestra music. She’s got good taste!
Food cravings: Same old stuff… Poptarts, ice cream, pizza, and rainbow Twizzlers (but I had to settle for Starbursts this time. Tough life!)
Miss Anything? Nada.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, and my anti-chicken days are officially over- I roasted a whole bird on Monday night!
Gender: Princess!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Exercising? Only 20.44 running miles and some swimming this week due to some pelvic pain.
Mood: Happy and so in love with this little girl, but SO EMOTIONAL! I feel like I cry at the drop of a hat. Michael and I went out for a walk and saw a cute little bunny, but on the way home, we saw a run-over bunny. I was convinced that it was “my” bunny from earlier and could not stop crying about it.
Looking forward to:┬áReading some childbirth books that the midwife recommended to me today! I’m hoping for as natural a birth as possible, and she said these books can really help motivate and inspire confidence that your body can do what it was made to do.