insta-jam for may!

Here are my Instagram photos from the month of May! Of course, we have to start off with a round of food photos… If they make you drool, at least try not to get any on your keyboard.

1: Finally found rainbow Twizzlers at Walmart… my favorite thing!

2: Chinese buffet with Michael and his mom. My other favorite thing! We even tried a new restaurant!

3. Ice cream sundaes at home with my mom. Another favorite! We discovered that Kroger makes a pretty-darn-good “triple brownie” flavor. Good for us economical folks who can’t splurge on Edy’s all the time!

4. Dairy Queen blizzards on our anniversary date. Do I even need to repeat myself?

1. Michael finally got his Xbox. He’d been asking for it for so long and it was great to see how happy he was when he finally brought it home!

2. Browsing in JCPenney, we came across “many much moosen!” pillow pets. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to get acquainted with some Brian Regan.

3 & 4: Michael found this 500-piece puzzle at the dollar store, and it’s actually really nice! It also makes for a fun date or activity to do together.

1: New beads for my wire-wrapping projects!

2: An owl pendant I ordered along with the beads… but it turns out that he’s HUGE and I have no idea what I can use him for. I still really like him though!

3. On Mother’s Day, my primary kids gave me their coloring pages from class. So sweet.

4. A “seahorse jumping out of the water” drawing by another little boy in my class. I love its stripes and spikes!

1: Maggie, after her haircut and bath! She loves being clean and having short hair, especially now with summer!

2: This is how Juni eats lately. She stands up on her hind legs, sticks her head in the hay trough, and just nibbles away. Crazy pig!

3. Clothes from my mom for baby 🙂

4. Clothes I got on clearance (AND with a coupon!) online for munchkin. I can’t wait to dress her up!