24 weeks!

How big is baby? Book value is 8.5 inches from crown to rump. Supposedly my uterus is also the size of a soccer ball right now! Crazy.
Maternity clothes? Same old regular clothes, and I was happy to discover that my swimsuit still fits!
Sleep: Excellent.
Best moment this week: Having a long weekend with Michael and my mom!
Movement: Consistent and strong! I don’t really know when this girl sleeps! Sometimes I lie awake in bed late at night, even after Michael is asleep, to play with her. Last night I wanted to see if she could find and kick my hand if I put it in any random place on my belly (instead of just where I know she’s been kicking), and she did! It’s also still fascinating to watch my belly jumping on the outside with her movements!
Food cravings: Ice cream sundaes… mmmmm.
Miss Anything? Can’t think of anything.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I feel sick if I go too long without eating or don’t eat enough.
Gender: Baby girl!
Belly Button in or out? In but still weird!
Exercising? Ran 22.88 miles this week AND swam laps. Boo-ya! I even had a stranger (a  young mom on the playground with her kids) yell out to me while I was running “Good for you for running!”
Mood: Happy and so grateful for this little girl.
Looking forward to: Summertime and more swimming!