happy memorial day!

Hopefully everyone had a fun weekend! We did! My mom came up and spent a couple of days with us. We did some shopping for the baby, made ice cream sundaes, and went to eat at Cookout for the first time (YUM)!

Our friends Adrianne and Ryan had invited us to their barbecue, so that’s where we went on Monday! I had originally planned to bring scalloped potatoes, but a few hours before we were supposed to be there I changed my mind. CAKE is way more fun (and it’s a good thing I didn’t bring the potatoes, because someone else had the same idea)!

What better cake to make on Memorial Day than an American flag? I was striving for accuracy, so I had Michael help me measure out the stripes and the blue. Everything was almost perfect until I made the stars too big and ran out of room. So much for precision.

Having too few stars didn’t affect the deliciousness rating!

Everyone had a good time (and the boys may or may not have launched a Pepsi can into the air to watch it explode…)

After the barbecue, we went to the pool! It was our first time there this season, and I can now say that it officially feels like SUMMER! The water was still just a little bit cold, though.

Mom just relaxed and read some magazines.

I missed being able to go off the diving board, but Michael more than made up for my lack of jumping. He’s crazy!

I’m grateful for all the people who have served and sacrificed for our country so that we can enjoy beautiful days like these with our families. Thank you!