18 weeks

As of yesterday, I am now in week 18 of my pregnancy! Time is really flying by, and while I really want to meet the sweet little person who keeps kicking me from the inside out, I don’t want this special time to be over quite so quickly. I can’t believe we are almost halfway done- 152 days to go!

I know that most everyone will look at these pictures and say “What are we supposed to be looking at?”, because maybe it isn’t very obvious… but my belly is starting to poke out just a teeny tiny little bit! That little bulge is definitely something new! Two of the girls at institute last night (who had already heard the news) did mention that I have something there. So… I’m not just imagining it! Promise!

In a few weeks, I’ll likely look back at these pictures and laugh at how I thought I had a little bump.

I’ve been feeling baby move for a few weeks already, and it amazes me how much stronger he/she has already become! What a difference even a week can make. Sometimes it feels like munchkin is punching, kicking, or even doing somersaults in there. I am really in for some fun once baby is bigger and there is less room for him/her to move!

Baby had to get its high energy level from somewhere- I am still keeping up with the same level of running I was pre-pregnancy, so I am pretty proud of myself! I did 6.44 miles today and felt AMAZING (besides the fact that someone thinks my bladder is a trampoline…)

We find out if we’re getting a prince or a princess in about two weeks!