spring in the valley!

The first day of spring was last week, but it definitely felt more like the first day of summer instead! This week’s temperatures are a lot more acceptable for spring.

I always love the thunderstorms spring brings. On the first day of the season, we even had a beautiful double rainbow to enjoy for a few short moments! (I guess the leprechaun was a few days late for St Patrick’s Day!)

All the blossoms are already falling off the trees. Good thing I took a picture last week!


fun with friends!

This past weekend, we went to visit Chris and Cerina! They moved away last summer, and we still hadn’t been to their new house yet or even met their new BABY! Lucky for us, I guess they like hanging out with crazy people because they were happy to have us.

It was awesome to finally meet little Nathan. He is definitely a ladies’ man already!

We had a lot of fun watching a movie and going on a little hike! The water at the park was so blue, and there were so many huge rocks. I loved it!

I love my buddy.

We even ate lunch on this rock! That’s hardcore right there.

No doubt about it, nature is one of my very favorite places to be.

Please notice the big scratch down Michael’s leg… he climbed a fallen tree and then jumped onto another tree! I think that’s more crazy than hardcore.

Since it was Saint Patrick’s Day, Cerina made pizza with green dough! Yum. And of course, the boys had their “muffkies” (cookies baked in a mini muffin¬†pan).

Thanks for having us Chris, Cerina and Nathan! ūüôā


In the past few weeks, I’ve probably topped my baking record for most sweets in a short time period! (Yep, that even includes when we were first married and we probably consumed half of our daily calories from homemade brownies…)

At least I’ve tried new recipes… it’s all for the sake of learning! I’ve even managed to convince Michael to cater to my sweet tooth- he’s baked cookies twice himself!

I really wanted to try a new chocolate chip recipe- not because mine wasn’t good, but I just wanted something “fluffier”. These were delicious and definitely fit the bill!

A few days later, we had friends over. And I couldn’t just let them come over without having a sweet treat, right? So I made these, except that I used half dark chocolate chips and half white chocolate. YUM.

Now, chocolate is great, don’t get me wrong (it might even be the best thing ever), but sometimes you need to break up the¬†monotony. That’s where cinnamon cake comes in!

Admit it. You probably just fainted when you saw that. This was super easy to make… I call it the lazy [wo]man’s cinnamon bun! I did cut the recipe for the glaze in half, and it was plenty. Too much sugar gives me migraines!

I would blame all these sweets on the sudden winter weather we started having at the beginning of March… but today it’s 75 degrees, and I have a chocolate-caramel pie in the refrigerator. Whoops! It is “Pi(e) Day”, after all!

a family is forever!

This past weekend, we were so¬†excited¬†because we had the opportunity to go to the temple together! Monday was Michael’s grandparents’ 59th wedding anniversary, and they like to go to the temple to¬†commemorate¬†it, so we went with them!

It seems like it’s been FOREVER since we last went to the temple for anything other than a wedding. It was wonderful to be inside, not feel rushed, and be able to enjoy the peace and Spirit the temple has.

I’m so thankful for the temple, and that because of it, our family can be together forever. My family is the best gift I will ever have. I love them all so much!