friends and photos!

This past weekend, our friends Chris and Cerina came up to visit! I was already looking forward to seeing them, but I had a little bit of bonus excitement about it because they asked me to do their maternity pictures!

They were pretty honored to be my first maternity photoshoot. And I think Cerina pretty much rocked the model face!

It was really great to see them, and of course after the shoot we played a bunch of games (as usual, I was confused and did pretty badly at all of them… whoops!).

I’m so thankful for Michael, who is so often there to model for a test shot, hold my bag, give suggestions… you name it! He is such a huge support for me. Although I think he needs some lessons on how to make the model face!


chalk it up!

I have a recent obsession confession: chalkboard paint! I had a great idea to make this project for the kitchen, and I’m very pleased with the result! (and let it be known that I only burnt myself with the hot glue gun twice!)

I’m pretty curious to see what crazy cool ideas I can come up with to use the rest of this super special paint… but I’m not sure how many green chalkboards a person can have at her house without being considered a little “strange.”


november family scripture study

As Latter-day Saints, we are counseled to have family prayer and scripture study each day. Our family’s got the prayer part down, no sweat. The scripture study has always been a little more difficult, so this month, I decided to take a new approach. Our institute did an “OctoberFeast” scripture study program on knowledge, so I used the idea of choosing a topic and planning out all the readings.

Since faith is the first principle of the gospel, that’s what I chose! So far it’s really been helping us out, so I thought I’d share.

You can download the faith calendar to use in your own family!

happy happy birthday karl!

On Friday, Karl came over and stayed the night, so that on Saturday we could have a birthday party! He even got to play some football with Michael and other friends of a friend. I made him a special chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. I know I’m not even close to becoming a professional cake decorator, but at least I’m improving!

He originally asked for a New York Giants cake, since that’s his favorite team, but this was as close as I got. We also didn’t have any candles… Oops.

This was the first birthday I was able to celebrate with my brother in about 6 years, so I’m really glad he came over.


After the party, he asked us if we could drop him off to visit with some of his friends. Michael willingly took him, and he knew he was responsible for getting on the bus that would take him back home. About an hour later, he called and admitted he was lost while trying to find the bus that was leaving in under ten minutes! Lelia yelled “Get in the car!”, and out we went to rescue him from his wandering. When we found him, we had two minutes to make it to the bus stop. And, of course, once we got there, the bus was pulling away! Karl insisted that we chase it down, so we did! After he had run out of the car twice on Main Street in an attempt to get on, the bus driver finally stopped one last time and he made it! It was crazy, and so many people were staring. I sure wish I had thought to take video of all that insanity!

the wii not-so-fit

While we were home with the family to welcome Jeffrey back from his mission, Lelia sent me an interesting text message: “I’m playing a joke on you… It’s supposed to make you laugh so don’t get mad!” I was pretty nervous to figure out what it was, but both Michael and Lelia were convinced that I would find it quickly. Well, it took me over a WEEK to finally see it.

Lelia had made my Mii on the Wii Fit overweight! I thought something definitely looked strange, and when I looked at my weight graph and saw the steepest peak ever, I knew I had found the trick!

I weighed myself and my little person went back to normal. And if you’re wondering, no, the Wii Fit does not recommend losing 26.5 pounds instantly.

happy halloween!

Our Halloween was pretty uneventful. It really just felt like any other day, which is strange because Halloween has always been a huge holiday for my family.

Michael was allowed to dress up for work, and this is what he came up with! He didn’t even really know who he was, but some people dubbed him “a professional Hokie fan”! Why not?

Hope you like his many-colored mustache. It was my contribution to his suave appearance.

Lelia went to a Family Home Evening party and dressed up as a cute cat!

When she got home, she painted some kitty whiskers on my face and we took some fun pictures.

I also put my Carnevale mask on for a few pictures. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!