“Hideugly”- the combination of hideous and ugly, pronounced “hid-ee-ug-lee”. A fictitious word that is perfect for describing how uncute my Halloween treats came out. Sure they tasted great, and practically melted in your mouth, but they don’t look very good… Actually, I’m not even sure that you can tell they were supposed to be pumpkins!

If you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and try these- they’re just my favorite brownie recipe dipped in melted chocolate (I used both white and dark… mmmm!) Michael and I went out to deliver them to some neighbors and friends last night. I love doing that kind of thing with my best buddy! (and I even got to drive the new car!)


return missionary!

One week ago today we were welcoming our brother Jeffrey home from his mission in Las Vegas, Nevada! Michael and I drove straight to the airport after work and didn’t have too long to wait until he arrived! It was great to see everyone’s excitement (and some tears, too!)

We are all still crazy!

The next day he taught us how to “slack line”.

I was awful at it and pretty much held on to poor Jeffrey the entire time! I did get to shoot the little air rifle though, and I was pretty hardcore (please notice how I’m standing all wrong, which no one told me until waaay after the fact!)

Like I said, I was pretty hardcore.

Dad was super hardcore too.

Of course, going home means I get to ride the motorcycle with Dad!!!

Lelia also came to visit us Saturday night! We had a ridiculous time (as usual!), and she even tried to give me a few concussions.

I’m so grateful for awesome family and friends and the time I got to spend back home… and of course I am happy to have my brother back!

lexington encore!

This weekend was crazy and great! On Friday afternoon I was sitting in the doorway of Lelia’s room, just relaxing and chatting. She was getting ready to leave for a horse show just about any minute, so I was pretty surprised when she suddenly said “You want to go?” I thought for just a moment and then said yes! We were out on the road in just a few minutes, and I’m so glad I went along because I had a blast! Something about Saddlebreds and the way they move just gets me pumped up!
Of course I was there practicing my “sports photography”. Definitely not my forte, but hey, I got a few good shots!

We also saw Lelia’s friend Kendyl show. She gave it her best shot but the mare was just crazy and quit on her.

It was a good time!

three little pumpkins

Last night I went to the Relief Society “Make and Take” Halloween craft. I have a hard time resisting signing up for these sorts of things. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I always seem to forget what a slowpoke I am- I was one of the first girls to get started, and I was definitely the last one still sitting at the table after everyone else and finished and gone home!

But hey, my slowpoke-edness paid off… I ended up with some cute little candle holders!

We’ve got the dopey pumpkin, the one-toothed redneck, and then the classic normal.

Of course you need to see them in the dark!

lowered ears

My family is pretty crazy. Now, when I say family, I’m talking about the lucky people who have had to put up with my antics since I was born, my inlaws who will now have to put up with me for the rest of eternity, and of course, Lelia! She has all but officially been adopted as our “daughter” and I couldn’t be any happier about it.

We have some pretty hilarious times together.

But some of the most hilarious moments come when you get Lelia and my brother together.

This past weekend, amidst all the laughing and poking fun, Lelia told Karl she wanted to cut his hair. This was only her third time ever cutting hair, but he was all for it!

She looks pro!

He looked good in the end!

Like I said…. CRAZY!!!

go hokies!

Today the Hokies won! Alright, alright, if you know me personally then you know that I hardly care at all about football.

But today I do! Why? Because obviously this orange and maroon cake I made had something to do with the victory… Cake is good luck. Even if it’s an ugly cake!

It still tasted delicious.

Happy Saturday!

that time

It’s getting to be that time of year again, where you crunch your way through leaves on the sidewalk, wear a sweater outside, and put soup on the stove for dinner. That time when you go out for a run in longsleeves, and your lungs get a bit of a shock from the cool air. It’s that time when horses go out with blankets on, and you don’t refill their water buckets at night because they might be frozen by morning.

It’s also that time of year when the light turns soft and is a photographer’s dream.

conference weekend!

This weekend was pretty exciting because our mom and dad came up to visit! =) I always love seeing them (it’s like an instant-happiness inducer)! They even brought us a brand-spanking-new mattress as a gift for our graduation. I’m so grateful because we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for a little while now.

Of course we went out to a Chinese buffet! That’s practically tradition these days. Lelia even came, since she’s pretty much part of our family now!


This weekend was also General Conference! I love hearing the Prophet and Apostles speak and feeling the Spirit. I have no doubt that the Church is true. Look, even Maggie enjoyed watching!