first horse show

On Saturday I had my very first horse show! It was local (at the stable I ride at, actually) so it was a good opportunity to get some experience. I have only been riding a few months, so I am by no means great at this. One day I will be, but that is a lot of rides and hard work down the road.

We went through three classes. I was so nervous on the first one (not to mention on the wrong diagonal!), so we didn't get anything. In our second class we took 6th out of seven, and the third we got 3rd of three. So maybe we weren't spectacular, but we tried. For a first show, I consider it a success just to get over my nerves and want to go back and show again.

Didn't my boy look handsome?

And this is my favorite picture from the whole day-

What would life be without a great family and a good horse?

family fun

My mom and brother came to visit for a couple of days! Sadly, they are leaving already today. Their visits always seem so short-lived.

Naturally, we had to have a little bit of family competition. And what better way to do it by playing Blockus?

Michael always wins, and even when he comes in halfway through the game he still beats me!

My mom and I took a nice long walk too- we must've been gone at least an hour! Of course I brought the camera and got these beautiful photos.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine!

jumping in

This past Monday I had my first jumping experience. Yeah, I know you're looking at the picture and thinking, "What jump? That fence is like 1 foot tall!", and well friend, you are right. But you have to start somewhere, and admittedly, it was a little scary the first time. I went 3 or 4 times so I could at least do it decently.

I've also been riding a lot more this week. By "a lot more", I actually mean that I've ridden 5 times as opposed to my usual once a week! My legs are screaming in pain… I mean shouting for joy… from all the hard work this week. It's actually not so bad. I am a little sore, but it is well worth it. I've had some time on my own to just practice stretching my leg down the way it needs to be and getting in control of the trot. At my lesson yesterday, my instructor was so pleased with my progress.

I don't think I have ever worked so physically hard to get good at something. I am still far from being good at riding, but I feel great everytime I go because I put all my heart and all my energy into it to do my best. This experience is teaching me that I can reach any dream and any goal I have, as long as I put myself to the test and grab the opportunities I get to learn and practice.

And you can't go wrong hanging out with horses every day of the week, either!

goofing off

Yesterday I was just dying to take a few pictures, so thankfully Michael humored me for a little while. I'd say he was my guinea pig, but I think Maggie and Juni would be offended…

Just look at that handsome stud! Of course, he went from stud to goofy in about 5 seconds.

We also got our car back this weekend, after 5 weeks being in a body shop. Thank goodness for all the people who helped us out for the past while.

Happy Monday everyone!

cute animals

Kevin and GiGi gave us an *almost* surprise visit last week- which meant that we also got to meet their puppy, Macie! She's 12 weeks old and a lot of fun.

Oh yeah, she's pretty cute too.

And the world is her toy.

Puppies aren't the only cute animals in this world you know, so stop drooling and look this way! What's cuter than a clean guinea pig with a summer haircut?

Animals make me happier than a pig in the mud! or… a chinchilla in the dust! or… a cat in the litter box! Wait…

summer day

What on earth do you do on a Saturday when you're finally out of college and don't have any homework? Play, of course!

We went to the pool and did some swimming and jumping off the diving board. Michael looks pretty goofy mid-air, doesn't he?

We never seem to stay for longer than an hour since we're both paler than ghosts and can burn easily.

Afterward, we rented "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1". I loved it, and it just might be my favorite Harry Potter movie yet.

After dinner we went out to shoot some hoops. I'm not nearly as bad at it as I expected, considering that I can't even remember the last time I played basketball. Still, if you were on the opposing team from me, you would definitely be happy.

It was all fun and games until Michael had some bugs fly in his face. Then it was just funny!

Hope your summer is as fun as ours has been so far!


It's all about the muffins these days. No, seriously, who doesn't love muffins? They taste just about as delicious as a cupcake, but with a little less guilty anguish, so you can eat these puppies for breakfast!

We have classic chocolate-chip.

And "muffins that tast like doughnuts." (Michael LOVES these!)

And of course there's double chocolate-chip, but I don't have a decent picture of those. I'm a muffin-making machine, and darn proud of it.

I hope my dad-in-law is drooling right now…