turkey festivities

Well, we're back to school already. Thanksgiving break went so fast, but it sure was great to go home and see our family (and our puppies!)

Just look how much Scrappy loves me, resting his chin on my tummy and all! Have you ever seen a nose this cute?

Since this is a "Thanksgiving" post, I suppose I should have a picture of a turkey. I didn't get a picture of the real bird, so this one will have to do! (Michael's mom actually made this little turkey-dude).

Here's our Thanksgiving feast:

AND I actually got to do my very first photoshoot with my T2i! It was great practice. My almost sister-in-law GiGi was really patient with me and modeled for at least a couple hours. I don't think I did too poorly for my first try! Here's a sample photo:

I didn't get a motorcycle ride this time, but it was a great little vacation nonetheless. I love my family!

sew cool

Yesterday was our 18-month anniversary of being married! A whole year and a half… we're practically ancient now. The funny thing is that some of the things we bought as newlyweds are just running out, like air-freshener spray or salt, which means that next time we buy those things, we'll be married 3 years… Whoa!

Last night he took me out for dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant. That food always brings me straight back to my days in Europe… Nostalgia's hit me hard.

Today I practiced a bit of sewing and made my piggies some cuddle cups… Maggie loves it, but Juni is just a little shy.


It's officially Thanksgiving Break!!! I guess this will be my last one ever, unless I decide to go to graduate school or something. Every fall you just wait for this much-needed break, and then before you know it, you don't get a break anymore. Maybe that's what it means to be a grown-up?

Anyway, my test was tough, but at least it's over. So now that studying is temporarily over, I took the new camera out and played with it to learn how to use it. Here are some photos… Don't be too hard on me for my first try!

spoiled much?

Sometimes you'll have a rough day at school: your class presentation just didn't go exactly the way you planned, and you have a huge test in three days. Maybe you just want to cry over it like a big baby, but then your extra-giddy husband picks you up from class. He's smiling and driving, and stops at a red light (way to obey those traffic rules, hubby!) and then… he pulls a Canon camera bag from just behind your seat and plops it in your lap.


This exact thing happened to me yesterday. I didn't even believe there was really a camera in the bag at first! No way he would go out and buy a Canon T2i. Well, I was gravely mistaken, because he did not just go buy the camera of my dreams, he also skipped class to do it! Whoa. Now that is love.

I have been waiting for this for at least a year or so, and now that I have it I'm honestly so excited that I'm nervous I won't have enough skill to put it to good use. I'm waiting for the weather to clear up and my huge test to be over on Thursday, and then I'll really see what this puppy can do.

Yeah, I'm really too spoiled. But hey, he can use it too! =)


I didn't get to go to the horse barn today because I felt sick and really needed to sleep. But while I slept, I dreamed about the horses. I missed the smell of the sawdust bedding in the barn, the sweet feed, the hay, and just the horses. I love taking care of them, bringing them in for dinner and turning them out in the field. I love feeling their warm, strong muscles under my fingertips as I put their blankets on. One of my my favorite things of all is when they'll rub their whole head all over me. Sure, maybe they're just itchy, but it sure is funny!

Here is my favorite "big" guy, Hudson (seriously, he has a body condition score of 7.5/8!) 


On Friday night we went to the livestock auction here in town. I get extra credit for going and writing a report, and I find it quite exciting anyway, so why not? The highest-selling lots were two full brothers who sold for $2700 each. We went to the same sale last year, except that I was working it! If you remember, I halter-broke "Henry", my Hereford bull calf to be sold at the last sale.

I ended up wearing Michael's coat because I was freezing!