This weekend has been great! =) Yesterday we went clothes shopping together for the first time! It was fun, but guess who ended up getting more clothes? Yeah, Michael. haha! But it's cool, since he really needed some new things, like pants and polos… At the end of the day, I did get a cute new dress.

What else was great about yesterday? We went to our first movie (at the theater) together! (Yeah, I know, kinda sad that we've been married almost a year and haven't even been to the theater together… whaaaat?!). Michael surprised me by just driving there and beckoning me out of the car! I love his surprises. Anyway, we saw "How to Train Your Dragon", which I only heard about just last week… We did the 3D version and it was fabulous! I loved it. Especially the dragon- he was cute!

Michael also introduced me to the Dairy Queen "Blizzard". I got something called "chocolate extreme" but really it tasted kinda like nuts, not chocolate. weird. At least I finally tried one right?

Today I surprised Michael with a chocolate cake. Yum! =)

Michael decided to be a duck with his pringles:

And Maggie was cuddly. She even had a bath today! =)