and… that’s a wrap!

Nothing extraordinary happened today but I feel like writing a few things anyway…

So tonight we had some homemade chicken wraps for dinner! Yeah yeah, not so fancy, I know. But hey, if you need to make something yummy in a pinch, and you like leftovers for lunch the next day… This is a pretty good idea.

If you make two chicken breasts, you'll get about 6 wraps. I shake-and-bake the chicken for 25 minutes, and once it comes out of the oven, I throw it in the tortilla with some lettuce, parmesan cheese, and some caesar dressing. And ta-da! A non-fancy, but delicious and quick, dinner.

The other little thing I want to write about is my Maggie. If you remember back to almost two months ago, you'll recall how worried I was about my sweet girl when she went into surgery for an abscess on her neck. After a lot of staples, antibiotics, and wound-flushing, she is back to her old self =) I'm really thankful for an amazing vet who did everything in his power to help her. And everything still looks normal!

Today I let Maggie run around on the floor a little while I got their dinner ready. She waited just outside the kitchen while I washed her lettuce, and once I started bringing it over to her cage, she ran after my feet as fast as she could! Maggie's biggest personality trait is surely her love for food.

Waiting patiently:


I have two surprises for you.

Last night, my friend and her roommate, who are in an agricultural sorority for whom Michael made an AMAZING website, came over and caught him completely off guard when they piled yummy baked treats on his lap! They also gave him a giftcard to his favorite store ever (Best Buy. where else?) All this was to thank him for their awesome website. He was beaming and it was nice to see him surprised and know that I successfully kept a secret.

The next surprise is bad. Today in my horse class we dissected legs. Yeah, horse legs. I was so excited for it! But without thinking about it, I went with an empty stomach and I learned a hard lesson today. NEVER EVER EVER go dissect anything without eating first. I think the smell just got to my poor stomach. I started seeing spots and nearly passed out but luckily some nice girls in my class were looking out for me. They gave me some soda and a cookie and made me lay down for a bit. So I missed the cool part of the lab. Oh well. 

la petite grenouille

Well I guess you could call me a "bad" blogger, since it's been over a week! Ah! This past week was so busy, but the best part was the livestock show on Saturday!

On Friday morning I went out to the arena to wash and shear Frog. You can probably guess that she hated every minute of it! (and I was there for about 2.5 hours… that's a lot of minutes…) 

I didn't have my camera out there so sorry, but here are some phone-quality (aka not very good) photos of her after her bath and blow-dry:

Then yesterday was the show, so I went out at 9am to re-wash her and make her beautiful! I had a few really good friends come out to watch, which really meant a lot to me =) It's good to have some encouragement!

I've only ever shown a sheep one other time, but for this show, if you've EVER done it, you are considered "experienced". So, I was in a class with some kids who have been doing this a very long time… I prayed Frog would behave, and she really did do her very best. It wasn't good enough to win; we got last place out of the 5 in our class. But I don't care. Frog and I had a really fun time and she really did excellent. The judge even said what an excellent class we all were.

I'm going to miss my sweet Frog <3 .

Here we are, second from the left:

Later that day I went on my first "double date" ever! It was so much fun. We went out roller skating and then to get ice cream =)

Photo courtesy of Lelia:

La vita è bella!


We’re at the end of a very meaningful day. Three years ago today, 32 Hokies lost their lives because of one student who lost his mind.

I’m sure many of us have shed some tears today. I wanted to write something, but in all honesty, I’m not all too sure of what to write.

The heart is an amazing thing that we’ve been given. It can love. It can forgive. It can heal. But it can also relive some of the pain we’ve felt throughout our lives. Sometimes I can still feel the fear and hurt caused by the tragedy. But I know that those who we lost three years ago really aren’t lost. They go on living, just not on earth. They’re just a little ahead of all the rest of us. And that gives me hope.

One of the victims was in a couple of my classes. I can only recall having one conversation with her. But I will always remember what a beautiful smile she had. I just wish I was able to know her better, as well as all the others who are gone. It’s easy to feel like I missed out. We could’ve been friends.

If this seems a little sorrowful, don’t be disillusioned. I know that we will meet all our loved ones again someday. We will also meet our Father, and Jesus Christ, and it is faith in these facts that bring me joy. This life is not the end. We still have much, much farther to go. Do not despair, but have hope. Death is not but the doorway into eternity.


This weekend has been great! =) Yesterday we went clothes shopping together for the first time! It was fun, but guess who ended up getting more clothes? Yeah, Michael. haha! But it's cool, since he really needed some new things, like pants and polos… At the end of the day, I did get a cute new dress.

What else was great about yesterday? We went to our first movie (at the theater) together! (Yeah, I know, kinda sad that we've been married almost a year and haven't even been to the theater together… whaaaat?!). Michael surprised me by just driving there and beckoning me out of the car! I love his surprises. Anyway, we saw "How to Train Your Dragon", which I only heard about just last week… We did the 3D version and it was fabulous! I loved it. Especially the dragon- he was cute!

Michael also introduced me to the Dairy Queen "Blizzard". I got something called "chocolate extreme" but really it tasted kinda like nuts, not chocolate. weird. At least I finally tried one right?

Today I surprised Michael with a chocolate cake. Yum! =)

Michael decided to be a duck with his pringles:

And Maggie was cuddly. She even had a bath today! =)


Tonight for Family Home Evening, I had a brilliant (and secret) idea. Michael figured it out as soon as i drew just a few squares on the ground…

Ok so I'm not the best hopscotch artist. I haven't played this game in years! But it was so much fun. Believe it or not, Michael won! Not by much though.

Then we came in and I was going to make a salad for dinner… but then, I found tons of BUGS in my head of lettuce. All dead ones. Yuck.

Yesterday, Michael met Froggy (my sheep). When he walked toward her and she ducked behind me, it really made me realize how much she's come to trust me. She was scared and just wanted me to protect her. The Savior referred to all of us as His "sheep", and I know that as we trust Him, He will protect us.

"I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." (John 10:14-15, 27)

Sometimes, following the commandments may seem tough, and we might not want to, just like Frog doesn't always want to do what I ask her to. But it's through these things that we begin to understand our relationship with Christ and our Father, and we know They will be there for us when we need Them. Because my sheep and I work together, she knows what I ask of her, and understands that I will help her and keep her safe. In this life, we can do nothing alone, and we only become better with the help of God.


Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully you had a fantastic day. We watched the rest of General Conference. It is such an uplifting time of year, when we get to listen to modern-day Prophets and Apostles, as well as reflect on our Savior's sacrifice for all of us. I am so thankful.

We didn't do too much else. Being away from our families makes holidays a little less exciting, I guess. I didn't make a traditional Easter dinner (since really, it's just the two of us) but I did try to make something nice. So I made some breaded lemon chicken, white rice and broccoli, with a new bread recipe- ciabatta stiratta, which is basically an Italian flat-bread. It turned out yummy!

search and rescue, car wash, greek

Today, we went to a Search and Rescue demonstration (organized by my awesome friend Katie!) that focused on rescues done with horses! A very kind lady brought her horses down along with all her equipment and everything just to show us how they do their work. The most amazing thing was how bomb-proof the horse really was! They made all these loud noises around him (horns, shaking cans, dragging milk jugs, etc) and he didn't even flinch. He was also a Peruvian Paso, which is pretty cool, since I've never seen a gaited horse in real life.

So then… we went to wash the car! It was about time. I even helped… when I was a kid, scrubbing the car was one of my favorite things. The sad thing is, we saw pollen on it this morning. Which means my allergies can't be too far away.

Then we went home and watched General Conference.I love it because it is so full of great ways to improve yourself. Michael slept during most of it though!

I've been wanting to go out to eat for a while, so we went back to the little Greek place downtown for our "date". I looooove Greek food and thankfully, so does Michael!

What a great day!