Well, today's the last day of February!! Whoa, already!

This weekend was overall very busy, but very uplifting.

Yesterday morning, we went to a Memorial service for my good friend's baby daughter, who left the earth just ten days after her birth. The Spirit and the love in that meeting was extraordinary.  I am so thankful for such a great friend, to see her strength derived from the faith that she has in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Thanks to our Savior, we can partake of the blessings of the temple, which include eternal marriage. Being married in the temple means we're sealed together forever as a family.  No one will be lost. As long as we live righteously, we will all be reunited one day. Yesterday, the truth of that principle was reaffirmed to me.

I am so grateful that Jesus Christ lived, and died, for me. For you. For everyone who ever has lived and will come to live on this earth. Come unto Him. Get  to know Him. He truly loves all of us, no matter what we do or say. He's there, always waiting.

one week to go

Just one week until spring break!! I am SO ready for it. This week, I wrote a small research paper (but research takes me FOREVER). Next week, I have two big homework assignments due as well as a somewhat larger paper. Wow.

So yesterday was the Bone Marrow Drive for our friend Paul… 891 people came!! How wonderful is that? =) I really hope someone finds a match now.

An interesting (and freeeeaky) thing happened when I was feeding my pigs a couple days ago! I have a box of hay (originally it was 50 pounds, we're probably about halfway through it now)… I reached my hand in, grabbed a bunch and put it in their cage. There was dark spot, I thought somehow it was a piece of wood, so I reached in, grabbed it, and just held it in my hand a moment. When I looked down, I realized it was a HUMONGOUS grasshopper! About 2 inches long, and pretty flat (I guess he got crushed when the hay was baled. oops.) Anyway, it caught me off guard, standing there, holding a dead monster grasshopper. I started yelling and Michael thought I was crazy (it was about 7:30 am!). I do find it pretty strange that I can dissect sheep, chickens, etc. without a problem, but if I get caught holding a bug, it's like the world is coming to an end! In my defense, it WAS a gigantic one!

Last night my awesome cousin and some of our friends came over =) We had a fun time telling stories, and they all got to meet Maggie and Juni, finally! And I gave them brownies, which they loved. I feel so good when people like my baking =)

Today I took a 3 hour nap, and I think I could still sleep for another 12. haha! But when I woke up, I had a box to open from my mom-in-law!! She sent me some really really cool jewelry for my birthday. 

horse judging contest

So, yesterday I had my first ever *real* attempt at horse judging.  This was practice for the team (which I'm still a little unsure about doing, since my semester is already so busy!).  I had a very good time, even better than I expected, although there were a couple classes that completely confounded me. I even managed to recite all my reasons!

Last night we went to an Institute bowling activity! It was so fun to see all our old friends and I didn't even care that my bowling was probably the worst it's ever been.

Not much else is new around here… the pigs have taken to tunneling under their blankets now. Every day. It's their new pastime!

Juni's trying out for the Olympics: the "Guinea Pig Mountain Climbing" division.

And Maggie is still a hay diva!

Bone Marrow Drive

Next Thursday, February 25th, there will be a bone marrow drive in 219 Squires Student Center between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm for our friend Paul Stevens .

He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and needs to find a match so he can get a transplant.  The thing is, there are a lot of other people who need transplants too, and you could be the match for any one of them.

Help save a life. If you can't make it to this drive, you can request a mail-in kit, swab your cheek, and send it back. Check out for more information.

birthday! more snow… etc.

Well, I am officially a year older! ….well, I guess I'm only a couple weeks older than the last time I wrote. Anyway, my birthday was a couple days ago. It was pretty fun! I gave blood, and nearly passed out. That's the first time that's ever happened to me (and I've given blood quite a few times). It was a little scary, since I started seeing a few white spots, and then almost everything was covered in white spots.  Suddenly, they had my feet up, a wet cloth on my head, and an icepack on my neck. Whoa! I got better within a few minutes, so no big deal.

After all that, we went to dinner at Olive Garden! (mmmmmm). They have good food, even though it's not really "authentic" Italian (after you've been to Italy, well, you're spoiled rotten).  The best part was when the waitors brought out a small cake with a candle in the middle and started singing "Buona Festa…". Fantastic!

Let's see now, this wouldn't be a REAL entry if it didn't include SNOW now would it? Last weekend we had about 8 more inches, which pales in comparison to the 30 that other areas got… nevertheless, school never cancels so 8 inches is pretty annoying.  I'm ready for June! We are due for more snow tomorrow night. Blah.

Oh yeah- we won a free iPOD! There's energy-saving program that Michael downloaded, and if you get enough people to install it, you get an iPOD. So… it's our first Apple product! I'm pretty excited! And it takes pretty good videos (better than my poor old digital camera)… so, there might be some guinea pig videos soon, which I'm sure you expected!)

School has been very busy… I have a lot more on my plate than I expected. Ah well. Sometimes it's tough but you just have to stick it out and get through it.

In recent guinea pig news… Maggie and Juni have a new toy! "Fiddlesticks"! Basically, it's this section of log-shaped wood pieces all connected together, and you can bend it however you want. They LOVE it!!