snowstorm and happy birthday maggie!

On Friday afternoon, a record-setting snowstorm began right outside our very own windows! Both of us were at work, but Michael left early. He was supposed to pick me up from work at 6pm, but when he walked into the store bundled up and covered in snow, I knew the car hadn't been able to make it. So, we walked. Luckily, we didn't have to go very far.  Walking down a snow-covered street for about 25 minutes, the situation seemed quite surreal.  No one was to be seen, save two cars.

The next morning we woke up to about TWO FEET of snow! Naturally, we went out to play in it. The snow was so compact that Michael failed to make a snow angel… however, we did make the most handsome snowman there ever has been! After prancing in the snow for about an hour, we came in for some hot chocolate. Just like when I was a kid and we had big storms in NJ =)

Basically, everything this weekend was cancelled (work, Christmas party, even church!) so we just stayed in and relaxed.

Today is Maggie's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Maggie!!! If you've never had a guinea pig, they are full of personality, spunk, and well… veggies. Basically, Maggie is the epitome of "guinea pig" and I am so very grateful to have her as my little buddy =)

boring update? (11 days…)

Well I figured I would do some updating, even though it's bound to not be very interesting.

The MOST exciting thing is… SCHOOL is OVER TOMORROW!! (for me anyway! Michael still has until Thursday). How awesome is that? I just finished a paper and now I just have to take one exam. Woohoo!  Then, the rest of the week, I just get to go to work!  I'm really enjoying the new job.  It's great to be working again =)

We went to the town Christmas parade last week! It was great to get out and spend time with my buddy! As you can see, he drank practically *all* the hot chocolate we brought!

We also had our first snow last week!! It was beautiful and luckily, we didn't have to go out in it!

We also were invited to a "Welcome Back" party for one of our old friends who just got off his mission! It was so great to see everyone and we had such a fun time!

Well I guess that's all! Nothing too interesting.  We've been pretty tired lately.  I think Juni has the right idea….

The Christmas Season

All around the world, people are experiencing the Christmas season.  Here in our town holly lines the street lamps, Christmas lights are strung everywhere, and the wonderful sounds of the holiday music ring throughout the air.  Although we're in the midst of final exams, there's still a hint of the Christmas season.  True, many people are lining the stores, looking for that last-minute present for that special someone.  True, many people are trying to reach out to serve and offer assistance to others.  But, what makes this time of year so much different?  It's the person that it all comes down to… being Christ.

About once every other week, our church releases a YouTube movie on some topic.  This week's was about the Christmas Season.  Here it is…

If you didn't watch it, please do.  I think it serves as a simple reminder of what the Christmas season is really about… Christ.

I would like to challenge you, in some simple way, strive to reach out to someone and serve someone.  Try to help brighten someone else's day.  Try to lift up the down-hearted.  After all, we're all in it together.  It is my testimony that as we do so, the Christmas season will be that of Christ.  We will feel of His love, and we'll be able to grow closer to those around us.  That, I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ.

After you've done something, feel free to comment below how you were able to spread the Spirit of Christ this Christmas season.  🙂

21 days

Until Christmas that is! Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree together <3 . I'm so grateful for little things like that that are so memorable.

We have precisely 42 ornaments on our tree. haha. Well, we bought 40 ornaments, garland, and a star for the top at the dollar store- total spent: $9.  Not too shabby huh?

Other than that, work and school are going well.  School is just getting stressful for the both of us, but hey, what do you expect at the end of the semester?!