happy birthday michael!!

Happy Birthday to Michael!!  What an old man… 22 years old now!

Mom got him some sneakers, which I hid from him for a few weeks, right in his very own closet!  I also drew him a graphic for his portfolio!

I made him his very favorite dinner- homemade chili! I also baked the cake he requested- carrot cake!  My very first time making it but I think it turned out well!  We also had 5 of our friends over tonight, which was fun.


wedding weekend

Finally, an update! =)

This past weekend, Michael and I went up to northern VA for our friends', Jessica and Brandan's, wedding!  We drove up on Friday night- Michael was a groomsman and so he had to be there for the Ring Ceremony rehearsal.  Luckily, I just had to watch everyone else learn the routine!

Their wedding was in the Washington D.C. temple on Saturday morning, so we woke up very early and carpooled there.  The sealing ceremony was absolutely beautiful; the Spirit of the Lord was definitely present.  I was so glad to be there, sitting next to my own husband, and remembering the covenants that we've made with each other.  I love him so much, and I am so grateful that as long as we live righteously, we are entitled to the blessings of eternity.  Who would not want to be with their beloved spouse forever?  Marriage is not something you do only when it's convenient.  It's for eternity, and it does take work.  Nothing that was ever worth anything came without hard work and effort.

Their reception was fantastic- what a party!  We danced and just had a grand time.

Instead of worrying about work and all the other things daily life demands, it was great to just get the whole weekend to spend with my favorite person in the world =)

awesome weekend

This weekend rocked!  Mom and Karl drove down here yesterday morning to visit!  They brought us Dunkin Donuts (oh yeah) and the rest of the stuff I still had at their house.  Then we went down to the street fair that happens here every summer- Mom LOVED it.  It was fun, and of course, the boys kept disappearing on us because they get bored looking at girly stuff!

Mom took us to dinner at Macado's.  Yum!  Michael and I both ate "Julius Caesar" chicken sandwiches.  Then we went home and played with the guinea pigs and some Uno!  yay!

Today was very fun too, because our good friends, the Zisettes, invited us over for dinner and to fix my guitar.  They fixed it!!  And then we each had to play a song.  It was fun.  They are such a musical family and I love it!  We also played Speed Scrabble and Charades.  What a blast!


Well, not too much has been happening lately because well… we haven't really done anything too exciting.  BUT today I had a job interview at the Aquatic center- I feel like it went well, which is a plus.  So wish me luck!  I'm really hoping to get this job!

Michael is also developing a project of his own- a site that will find all your textbooks for school at once.  It's pretty neat and A LOT easier to use than the bookstore sites.  It should be out later this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

And if you're wondering, Juni and Maggie have become best friends.  They play and snuggle and even share their veggies.