five on friday (06/16)

ONE. Without fail, nearly every time we venture out on a walk, someone says, “Wow, that’s a lot!”, referencing my stroller full of kids with a puppy tied to it. I rarely ever see another mom out in our neighborhood with three kids (or more), so around here, I guess this looks like a lot to handle. Yes, we are those crazy (and probably too loud) people walking through the neighborhood. Sometimes it’s hard to get where we’re going without a struggle or a meltdown, but I love getting outside with my babies. Most of the time, we’re having fun.

TWO. It’s no secret that I like blowing bubbles even more than my kids do. I always try to convince someone to run around and catch them as they float over the playground. Kaelyn usually takes some time to play with me, and I thought that this picture actually turned out pretty neat.

THREE. Nella’s been melting my heart since 2016… and now that she’s got two tiny teeth, it’s even easier! She’s still too little for everything at the playground except for the infant swing, but she’s just as content to sit with me and watch everything around her.

FOUR. I love hearing Michael practice the piano, and it’s even better when Kaelyn sits next to him and gently taps on the keys. She never slams on them or makes a ton of noise. She’s very careful and deliberate with her “piano playing”.

FIVE. This little girl… she absolutely cracks me up. She accidentally broke Daddy’s measuring tape a week or two ago, and she was so sad and remorseful over it for the rest of the day. I asked her about it again a couple of days ago, and she was so silly that I had to record her. She also talks about her birthday for the remaining two minutes of this video, which is equally adorable.

Happy Friday!

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friday favorites

We kicked off the week with a Monday-night barbecue with some good friends. The weather was just beautiful and we soaked up every moment of it.IMG_20130617_202057 I made these lemon bars to bring to the barbecue. I’d never tried them before so I was nervous they wouldn’t turn out alright, but they were a hit! (I think Michael alone ate about half the tray in less than 24 hours…)_MG_6752 I love having two sidekicks who follow me wherever I go…_MG_6738 Kaya has really started noticing the piano this week, and will crawl up to it, stand up and play any notes she can reach. She even did it at institute (our scripture study class) this week while Michael was playing a hymn… we were cracking up!_MG_6555Jax went to the vet this week, and on the way home, we stopped to visit Michael for lunch. We had an impromptu mini-picnic 🙂 Michael gave Kaya some of his PB&J, but she was not too impressed with it.06202013photogridWe had a HUGE rain/hailstorm and I drove on 460 through it… It was the worst weather I’ve ever driven in! We ended up waiting it out in the car for a while.IMG_20130620_092117 I love cozy mornings like the one we had yesterday. Kaya explored on her own, Jax collapsed after our run, and I cuddled up on the couch with a blanket for the first time in a long while.IMG_20130620_092610And I love seeing these two play together!

the piano

It was already almost 3 weeks ago that we “adopted” a piano of our very own! I had actually been thinking about how nice it would be to have one, and it turns out that Michael was considering it, too, because he found this one on Craigslist for $100! It really is in excellent shape, and it was only about a half-step flat on every note. We had a piano tuner come, and he said that the last guy who tuned it left a note saying that he actually did it that way on purpose… in 1999! It stayed consistently flat for quite a while.

It sounded good before the tuner came, but now it sounds beautiful. I love hearing Michael play. It’s actually one of his talents that I have always admired.

I can read music (albeit slowly) from my years of choir and guitar-playing, so I am making progress and learning to play out of the “beginner” hymnbook that Michael actually gave me for Christmas the first year we knew each other.

I really look forward to the day that I can play songs for our little family can sing along to. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to play in church!