mother’s day (2017)

Michael didn’t have any extra church meetings on Mother’s Day, so we got to start the morning off nice and slowly, with some surprise donuts from my favorite local bakery! He’s getting too good at sneaking out on Saturday evening to buy donuts, and then hiding them until Sunday morning (which he’s done on several holidays for the past few years). However, I think he’s learned not to tell Kaya where he hides them anymore- she’s been a secret-spoiler lately!

Admittedly, I sometimes wish that Mother’s Day would be renamed to something that would be inclusive for all women, because I know how hard this day can feel for so many because of that title (sidenote: there actually is an “International Women’s Day” on March 8th of every year). The reality is, even if someone isn’t a mother by the standard definition, they equally deserve to be honored for their work and righteous, loving influence over others. I have so many amazing women to look up to in my life, and I am so grateful for them.

The best part of the day was hearing the Primary children sing at the front of the chapel during sacrament meeting. Kaya was waving to us for a good part of the performance, all while attempting to remember the words to “I Often Go Walking”. I can’t believe that next year, Kaelyn will be up there with her!

The girls came home from their classes with Rice Krispies treats, but gave them to me, saying, “Because I love you!”, as they handed them over. In truth, they actually don’t like them, but hey, the sentiment was just as sweet, and I can’t pass up free Rice Krispies treats. I love these little girls with my whole heart, and even when we have rough days, I still feel so much gratitude knowing that they are mine. It’s a little crazy, a little wild, and so perfectly imperfect, but I wouldn’t trade my days with these three for anything.Kaya actually did two of these little “my mom” surveys (one at the library and one in her primary class), so I thought I’d condense the answers here. These types of things always make me realize that maybe I’m doing a little better at this job than I tend to think I am.

My mom is… 29 years old.
My mom has blue eyes and brown curly hair. (she told me she was making up a pretend mommy for this one)
Her favorite flower is… a heart flower. (not sure what this is, but it sounds like something I’d like!)
My mom always says I love you. (melt my heart!)
My mom makes the BEST pumpkin bread. (currently Kaya’s favorite breakfast)
She is SO good at… taking care of me.
My mom is funny when she has daddy laugh at her…
…and she laughs when I give her a hug.
My mom’s favorite color is blue.
My mom’s favorite food is pizza.
My mom’s favorite game to play is Candy Land.
My favorite memory with my mom is going to the store.
My mom always forgets to close the van door. (hahaha… so true!)
My favorite thing to do with my mom is going to Target.