nella: 6 months

She only just had her doctor visit (and received her measurements) this week, so this post is late… but still super cute!Height: 25.25 inches (17%)
Weight: 14 pounds 14 ounces (21%)
Head circumference: 16.25 inches
Clothing size: I just moved her up to 6-9 month clothing, and we moved her cloth diapers up to the next snap setting as far as height goes. Even with larger-sized pants, it still seems like everything is tight over that big puffy diaper!
Eye color: Baby blue.

Nursing: Every 2-3 hours during the day. We haven’t started solid food yet, although we probably will sometime in the next month or so.

Sleep: She’s still a perfect sleeper. We did have one week where she was waking up around 4 am for an extra feeding, but I figured she might have just been hitting a growth spurt. She goes to bed around 7:30 pm, and then typically sleeps until 5:30 am when I nurse her. Usually, she’ll go back to sleep until 7:30 am, but sometimes, she stays awake for a while before falling back to sleep. She naps for about 3 hours every afternoon, and takes a mini catnap for about 30 minutes each morning, too.

And yes, she’s still sleeping in our room. I just don’t have the heart to move her! I love my little roommate, and she’s so quiet at night that we aren’t bothered by her being there. We’ll probably move her to the crib soon, but I’m putting it off for as long as I can because I love having her close.

Favorite things: Her sisters are her number one favorite! They can make her smile or burst out into laughter with just a word or a look. Seeing them all having fun together is the best. She also likes her yellow stuffed giraffe that plays music, and really any toy that she can hold and put in her mouth. She likes to ride in the stroller and swing at the playground.

Dislikes: She’s pretty happy about almost anything. She has started to get a little bit of “stranger danger”, so sometimes she’ll cry when she doesn’t know the person who is holding her very well.

Nicknames: Nellbells, Baby Sunshine, Nella Sunshine, Nell, Nell-Nell, Nels, Angel, Cheeks, Cheeky, Newwie (by Kaelyn), and “Baby Nella Sunshine Sprinkle Pop” and “Pushy Cheeks” (by Kaya).

Milestones, etc.: -She’s so close to sitting up! She can do it for a few seconds before toppling over. We’ve started putting her in the exersaucer so she can practice being upright, and she absolutely loves being able to look all around and watch everything going on. I don’t think she really likes it much when I make her practice, though!

-She’s started doing this low, growl-like noise to talk to us. She’ll try to have “conversations” with us just by using that noise alone. It’s pretty funny and adorable.

-When she’s happy, she kicks her legs! She’ll smile at someone, all while those feet are moving. During walks with the stroller, I look down and see her little feet bobbing up and down as she excitedly observes the outdoors.

-She’s always chewing on her hands, and she’s a devoted thumb-sucker. I keep thinking she’s going to get some teeth, but all we’ve seen so far is a whole lot of drool!

-If I don’t do anything to her hair, it curls as soon as she gets out of the bath. She’s also lost so much of the hair she was born with, and a lot of the new growth is very light blonde. Her eyebrows are still platinum, so I’m really curious to see what she looks like in a few months.

-She is a pro at rolling from side to side, so she can move and grab things that are within rolling distance now. In the exam room at her doctor’s office, she grabbed and completely crumpled all the paper on the exam table!

Dear Nella,

You personify your middle name, Joy, every single day! You smile at anyone who looks at you, whether you know them well or not. Everyone who meets you absolutely loves you, and it’s not hard to see why.

You are blossoming into your own little personality, but you’re still the calmest baby I’ve ever met, and everyone likes to comment on how easygoing you are. I sure hope you can keep your bright demeanor and positive attitude as you grow up- those are the things I love most about you! Your chubby little cheeks and chunky legs are a close second, though. 😉Nellbells, we love you so very much.

Love, Mommy