kaya says (march 2017)

It’s been so incredibly long since I’ve written one of these posts that I have a year’s worth of funny quotes saved up from Kaya. Some of these are just too good not to share (like things she said when I was pregnant with Nella), so I’m including them too, even though they’re “old”.

Me: We’re going blueberry picking!

Kaya: Ooooo, in the enchanted forest?

“Mommy I about need a bra because we keep seeing my tummy!”

“If you eat the cheese all gone on Tuesday, you’ll have a big tummy… And maybe a tummy ache.”

(Talking about her imaginary family): “I have 25 boys and 12 girls. Meowy was born first, and then Alice, and then Barney, and then Pickley and Skittley and then I don’t remember my other kids’ names…”

Kaya: We try to do school 5 days [a week].
Me: You do homeschool?
Well, some of my kids go to real school because there’s not enough room on the carpet and then they block it [the view] and some of my kids can’t see.

(When she’s pretending and says “my daddy”, she’s actually referencing her would-be husband):

“My daddy stays home everyday to help me take care of my kids because that would be really hard.” Well, at least she recognizes that Mommies do a lot for their children. And you’re right Kaya, sometimes it isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

I came back home in the middle of a run for a bathroom break. Kaya saw me and exclaimed “Go back outside sweaty girl!” Apparently sweaty people are not allowed in the house.

(Michael went to tuck her into bed one more time, at her request):
Kaya: What do I smell? Daddy, did you brush your teeth yet?

Michael: No.
Kaya: Well, if you come back in here again, you need to brush your teeth first.

I’m a BOY!!!! (as she makes a tough face)
Michael: No, you’re a tough girl!
Kaya: I’m a TOUGH BOY!
Me: So, what does a tough boy do?
Kaya: Ummm… Sing!

Me: Can you come put this silverware away?
Kaya: Oh, but I can’t, ’cause I have a baby in my tummy and it’s hard having a baby in your tummy sometimes.

And some of my favorites from when we were expecting Nella:

Kaya: Babies come out this way? (pointing at her throat and mouth)
Me: Nope… Babies don’t come out that way…

(As I go to take a shower):
“No get your baby wet!”

Me: The baby likes it when I run.
Kaya: Yeah, your baby is laughing when you run I think.

Me: I think I might have just felt the baby move, right there.
Kaya: Oh, she’s trying to get out, I think.

(Kaelyn needed a timeout, so we put her in what was going to be Nella’s future room):
Kaya: But that’s the baby’s room! I don’t want to get tears in the baby’s room!