nella: 3 months

Clothing size: She’s still in 0-3 month items, but some shirts are already starting to get short, so I might be moving her up to the next size soon. Seriously, she’s growing so very fast, and I feel like I can’t keep up with how quickly time is going by.

We also started using her small cloth diapers full-time this month. This girl could set a record for making the messiest diapers, so for a little while, it seemed like we were constantly having leaks and explosions. If we double-pad her and change her exactly every two hours, we’re mostly leak-free. I think her legs are chunking up a bit and the diapers are starting to fit better, anyway.

Eye color: They’re a bright, gorgeous blue!

Nursing: About every 2.5-3 hours during the day.

Sleep: Nella has completely spoiled us in this category. She goes to bed around 8 pm, and will sleep for about 10 hours (and usually I’m the one waking her up so she can eat before I go running). After she eats, she goes back to bed for another 2 to 3 hours. She takes a catnap in her little bouncy seat in the morning, and in the afternoon, she takes full advantage of having me all to herself while her sisters nap. She’ll snuggle, nurse, and sleep on me for a couple of hours. I really cherish our afternoons together.

Favorite things: SMILING!She’s also fallen in love with her big sisters. They can make her smile even when she’s crying! Both Kaya and Kaelyn ask to hold her all the time and are so tender and gentle with her.

I always get a smile out of her when I kiss her bare skin or pretend to eat her up (and make obnoxiously loud noises while doing so)! She also enjoys bath time, listening to music, getting her diaper changed, and being close to mommy. She even gave me a slobbery “kiss” when I first put her in the wrap last week!Dislikes: Getting buckled into the car seat. I think that’s all- she really is a very contented baby!

Nicknames: Baby Sunshine, Nella Sunshine, Nell, Nell-Nell, Cheeks, and Kaya still calls her “Baby Nella Sunshine Sprinkle Pop”.

Milestones, etc.: -She’s LAUGHING! Grandma Gina got her to do it for the very first time! She has the sweetest, softest little laugh. I just love it.

-She started to notice her toys this month! She smiles at the little fox attached to her seat. I love that she is so much more aware of her surroundings.

-She reaches out and grabs things… usually my hair, haha.

-This month, she met her Great-Grandpa Teerlink, Aunts Lelia and Tori, Uncles Jeff and Kevin, cousin Jack, Grandpa Peter, and Great-Aunties Joyce and Carol. Her fan club just keeps growing bigger!

-She found her thumb this past week! Who needs a paci when you have one that’s built-in? I’m actually impressed that she’s coordinated to shove just her thumb (as opposed to her whole hand, most of the time) in her mouth.

-She coos and “talks” to us.

-Her neck is getting pretty strong, and she often tries to hold her own head up when I’m carrying her around.

-She kicks her legs and flails her arms when she gets excited about something (usually just seeing one of her family members)!

-She absolutely loves looking at herself in the mirror. She always gives her reflection a big smile!

Dear Nella,

Your personality is really starting to shine through, baby girl. You smile all the time! You absolutely love being with your family (we get the best and biggest grins out of you)! You add so much light and joy to our home. I’m so happy to have you here with us.In public, people love to comment on how adorable you are, how big your cheeks are, and how much hair you have. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on whether or not you look much like your sisters- some people say you fit the mold, and others say that all three of you look so very different. I see a little bit of both of your big sisters in that happy face of yours.

I love you so much, Nella Joy! (and clearly, I also love putting you in Halloween pajamas long after the holidays have passed, haha).

Happy 3 months, princess!

Love, Mommy