puppy party weekend

Kaya pretty much had the best weekend ever. It doesn’t get any better than spending time at your best friend’s puppy dog-themed birthday party! I might have been just as excited as she was, because I knew how much she would love Mia’s party.

We arrived early, and she got to choose a puppy for “adoption”. She picked a little Dalmatian, named him “Ruff”, and is still carrying him around, right along with Kitty. He’s a current favorite for sure!

They did a lot of fun activities, including decorating a dog house for each puppy. Kaya plastered cat stickers and drew circles all over hers. 🙂

Kaya was so excited to give the birthday girl her gift! They then shared the very sweetest hug. I love their friendship.We filled the rest of our weekend with schoolwork (for Michael), a few family photos, church, and breakfast for dinner. We ended with some cookie-dough making. I love spending time in the kitchen with my little pal.