library books

Kaya had her first-ever adventure at the library on Monday! I know it sounds a little crazy that she’s never been there before, but we have so many books at home that there really hasn’t been any rush to go.

She walked through the rows of books with wonder and excitement. There were so many books to choose from that she didn’t even know where to start! I picked out a few for her, and her enthusiasm only grew when we checked them out and brought them home.

This morning, my little buddies cuddled up on my bed (with my body pillow!) to read.

Kaya’s always saying “more books!” these days. I just love how much they enjoy reading._MG_6571

Kaelyn started crying, and Kaya helped her feel better by showing one of the books to her. She’s an amazing big sister.

I love having quiet mornings with these two. I’m a very blessed mama._MG_6577

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