friday favorites

I’m going to keep it simple today and just dump a bunch of phone photos on you from the last two weeks!

So here we are, crazy-haired and looking milk-drunk! We enjoyed some time outside; I got my new lens in the mail and have been loving it, and I made my mom-in-law’s famous rolls. I feel bold to say it, but… I think they tasted just like hers (which is a HUGE accomplishment. She’s known for these rolls)! Michael even agreed 🙂
08302013collage1 Kaya has been taking her orange kitty everywhere, and loving bananas, books, and her friends!08302013collage2 She also enjoyed her first-ever bath in the big tub (I know… she’s 11 months old, and seriously, this is the first time she wasn’t in the infant tub. Took us long enough!) She really loved it and splashed like crazy!_MG_9277Happy weekend!

“you will always be my baby” chalkboard printable

I’ve been hoping to make one of those awesome chalkboard birthday prints (like this one) for Kaya’s first birthday (which is in less than a month… AHH!), but to do that, you kind of need to know how to use photoshop. I’ve used other graphic programs before but didn’t have access to photoshop until we got our new computer, so I figured I’d play around and make something for practice.

This really didn’t take any skill, but I at least became more familiar with the a few of the one million gadgets photoshop has to offer. And I thought that maybe someone else might find it cute, so I figured I’d share it for your own personal use and enjoyment 🙂youwillalwaysbemybabychalkboardwhite And then I even got fancy and did some blue and pink ones. Click the links below to download them!bemybabyfreechalkboardprintableBlue Chalkboard, White Chalkboard, Pink Chalkboard

Credit for the chalkboard background goes here!

michael’s birthday weekend

Usually, we have a pretty big party for Michael’s birthday, but this year, we kept it simple. I missed having a bunch of friends over, but I think he enjoyed just having a relaxing evening at home.

We had cookie bars and ice cream!
_MG_9135 michaelbday2013And Kaya helped Daddy open a few presents._MG_9124 This was the first Saturday in a long time that actually felt like a Saturday! We had no place to be and nothing scheduled, so we slept in, exercised, and then relaxed._MG_9142 We decided to walk around the pond in the early evening. I’m going to miss this gorgeous weather (especially since Michael told me last night that the farmer’s almanac predicts a bitter cold winter… sooo not ready for that)!08242013photogrid1

(waving at a puppy!)_MG_9157 _MG_9187 _MG_9218 08142013photogrid2Hope your weekend was as restful as ours was! 🙂

happy happy birthday, michael dear!

Happy days will come to you all year!daddybday2013Today is your birthday, and we couldn’t be more thankful for you. You’re smart, funny, hardworking, and have true faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of all, you’re always there for Kaya and me… whether we’re crying, laughing, or just being crazy!

I know I speak for the two of us when I say that you’re our best friend._MG_8579

Seeing you with our baby each day makes my heart feel like it’s about to explode.

Thanks for being you, sweetie. We love you to pieces!


kaya- 11 months!

_MG_9100 (2) - CopyHeight: 29.5 inches
Weight: 19 pounds 6.4 ounces
Clothing size: 6-9 month pants, 9-12 month onesies, some 6-9 jammies and one pair of 9-12 pjs that are still super long.
Eyecolor: I’m going to just say hazel because they still change every day. I had my mom-in-law tell me they looked more blue, and then the very next day, Michael said they looked more brown. It’s a toss-up!
Teeth: EIGHT! The most recent one (Q) really seemed to bother her more than any of the others have. She now has teeth G, F, E, D, O, P, N and Q. (dental chart)
Eating: This month she tried and loved bananas, green beans, chucks of cheddar cheese, and mexican rice and beans. She’s obsessed with crackers (any kind- graham, whole wheat, or Ritz) so much now that Cheerios are boring to her. We gave her a few Cheezits as a treat, and now, if she sees me eating some, she begs for some and won’t eat what’s on her plate until the Cheezits are out of sight. She is still loving her strawberry yogurt, peanut butter, and grapes, too. Nursing has suddenly decreased a lot. She’ll nurse in the morning, before naps, and before bed (and maybe one extra time during the day), but that’s really all she wants._MG_8830Words: Honestly, still nothing. She mamamas and dadadas a lot but I’m not sure she connects those words with us. She does make a specific sound when she wants more to eat. Otherwise, she just babbles and yells a lot!
Favorite things:
Playing with other babies, pulling the dog’s tail, playing with power cords… Haha. Basically, she gets into EVERYTHING these days! Dancing is still her most favorite thing to do, I think. She’s also become so interested in books and can amuse herself with them for quite awhile. Her favorite toy is her orange stuffed kitty. She cuddles with him and carries him around the house! She loves when we hold her upside down or spin her around. She also has figured out how to open the cupboard doors and loves pulling out all the containers/bathroom supplies.

_MG_8986 Dislikes: The car seat and not being allowed to play with our phones. She doesn’t like baths again lately either, but now she tries to stand up and escape the tub!
Sleep: Ever since we got back from Utah, her naps have been weird. She has been fighting the afternoon one even though I am certain she’s tired. I was partly blaming that new tooth, so I guess we’ll see if it gets better this week. At night, she’s in bed around 7 or 7:30 lately and up for the day between 6:30 and 7:15 am.
Milestones, etc.:
– She’s figured out how to climb ON things now… which means that she can reach more of the things she’s not supposed to have._MG_8829(Yes, she climbed into the laundry basket all on her own!)_MG_8891– She’s more aware of where objects are (even if you hide them).
– She waves pretty much any time you tell her “say hi/bye!”
– She practices standing without holding on to anything.
– She’s started pointing to things that she is interested in or wants.
– She’s mastered dropping objects and thinks it’s hilarious because then I have to keep picking them up!
– She can use the sippy cup mostly on her own now without me having to hold it for her all the time.

To my sweet, lovable baby girl…

I can’t believe it’s been eleven months since I first laid eyes on the absolutely perfect features of your face. Every day, I’m amazed at how you grow a little smarter, stronger, and more beautiful._MG_8593I never knew how much I’d miss you when you’re asleep.

Staring at your chubby cheeks never gets old.

You have a love for life that is contagious. No one can be around you and resist smiling!_MG_8622

Your daddy and I are so infatuated with every inch of you. You are our everything.

This time, I tried to distract her with tape, Cheezits, and even Daddy! This just gets harder and harder every month! (and she may have been trying to eat the tape…)kaya11monthsouttakes

utah’s hogle zoo

Are you ready for photo-overload? I just had a hard time narrowing it down when there were so many beautiful animals and fun moments with my two favorite people!hoglezoo20137After everyone else left Utah to head home to Virginia, it was just the three of us! With no scheduled events or time commitments, we wanted to do something fun together, just our little family. So, we chose the zoo, and I’m so glad we did. It was more than worth it for the memories we made.

(Michael’s wearing my sunglasses, and Kaya’s cuddling with this little puppy that the grandson of the couple we stayed with lent to her. I think she had a little crush on him, so she carried his puppy around a lot! Haha)hoglezoo20132 We were all pretty excited looking at the elephants!hoglezoo20131 _MG_8609 hoglezoo20136 _MG_8619 Bath time!_MG_8649 hoglezoo20134 Kaya loved the giraffes the most, but that could have just been because it was the animal we were able to get closest to._MG_8741 _MG_8740 _MG_8764 _MG_8694 I fell in love with the polar bear (which just happened to swim behind Michael as I was taking this picture)! That one on the top right is completely made of Legos!hoglezoo20135

Did you know that polar bears have special eyelids that act like sunglasses to protect their eyes from the light reflecting off the snow?_MG_8712 hoglezoo20133

We walked around for about 3 hours (something that would never happen in the Virginia humidity)! Kaya was a trooper and did so well, and passed out just before we left._MG_8772I’m so grateful for my own little family to enjoy days like these with 🙂

weekend rewind

We had a fun weekend with some great friends! Bryan and Miriam were in town for a visit before they move south, so we all got together for a barbecue and some games. I’m really regretting not getting a group photo… but here’s what I have (and most of them are of the babies… ah)!

It’s so crazy to think that these guys were roommates during their freshman year of college… and now they’re both dads!_MG_8973-2_MG_8959

_MG_8960 _MG_8967I’m so grateful for lasting friendships. It’s so fun to see where life takes us and watch each others’ families grow.

friday favorites

Judging by how many pictures I took this week… we’ve been having a lot of fun!

This first photo describes our Sunday perfectly: Michael was exhausted, I couldn’t stop smiling and Kaya was being crazy and climbing all over us! On Monday, we had Lauren and Rory over for games and these chocolate dipped s’mores. Kaya fell asleep at breakfast on Tuesday (despite Taylor Swift playing in the background), and she sure loves cuddling with her orange kitty lately.
photgrid108162013 Kaya loves playing in the dog’s new crate/ We had a playdate with Mia, Aaliyah, Liam and James on Thursday!/ Kaya loves seeing Daddy at the end of the workday!photgrid208162013 _MG_8866She tried bananas this week and LOVED them (but maybe loved making a mess even more). I love this sleepy, happy grin.
_MG_8853 Someone else was a sleepyhead too, and slept in our bed all morning on Wednesday._MG_8871

The weather has been so perfect (although strangely cool for summer) that we’ve been trying to take advantage of it as much as we can, so we’ve gone for a couple of walks and spent time on the playground. I love playing as a family 🙂08162013collage3 _MG_8903 08162013collage208162013collage1 Static hair after Daddy took her down the slide!_MG_8940 _MG_8928 _MG_8942Happy weekend! 🙂

goals for august

I know, I know… August is half over. But I’m blaming my tardiness on the fact that we were away from home for the first quarter of the month. I’m going to just count August as a “vacation month” and make only a few simple goals instead of a whole slew of them.

Here’s how I did for July:

1. Keep doing great with early scripture reading. Honestly…I probably scored about a 50% on this one this month.
2. Do abs and arm workouts twice per week. Hardcore!
3. Clean up the closet in our room and donate unwanted items. I did make up a bag of clothes I want to donate… just haven’t donated them yet. But we also decluttered by getting rid of my old dresser, so that feels pretty good, too!
4. Complete two sewing projects. I actually did THREE (count ’em, three!) little projects. Kaya’s shorts, Jax’s bandana, and alterations on my dress for the wedding. Boo-yah!julygoalsgrid2013 5. Eat a salad (or any big serving of vegetables) every day. YES! I have done so well with this goal and my body feels so good!IMG_20130722_150227 6. Read a book. Nope 🙁
7. Get in bed by 11 pm every day. Again… this goal seems like a joke.
8. Practice piano for 15 minutes on Wednesday and 15 minutes on Saturday. I came up 20 minutes short for the whole month. That’s still pretty awesome so I’m counting it as a win.

Goals for August:

1. Deep clean my refrigerator. Is it sad that this is a goal? Unfortunately, this is one place in my home that gets forgotten…

2. Plan Kaya’s first birthday photos/outfit/cake. This includes getting any supplies needed for her photos. (And for the record… how is my sweet baby already turning ONE?!)

3. Complete one “crafty” project.

4. Finish editing Kevin and Tori’s wedding photos.

See you again in just two weeks!

temple square

Last time I went to Utah, we actually visited Temple Square twice, but I loved it so much that I was adamant about going again. So, the evening before the wedding, we headed up there with Michael’s parents and grandpa.
_MG_7667 We toured the Conference Center (where the Church’s biggest meeting, General Conference, is held twice each year)!_MG_7648 _MG_7652 I’m not sure if you can tell by the photo… but this room is HUGE!_MG_7654 We got to sit and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice for a bit. It was just as beautiful as ever!_MG_7663 You can actually get up on the roof of the building too._MG_7660 One thing I love about Temple Square is all the flowers… and someone else has started to notice them too (and wants to grab any that she can get her little fingers on)._MG_7687Don’t be fooled… this is a fussy face. She was so tired of the stroller._MG_7702_MG_7696 _MG_7694

We knew that our friend Ali, from our college days, is serving a mission there, so we tried to find her. Lucky for us, we did!_MG_7707_MG_7711 _MG_7714 _MG_7720 _MG_7722We love to see the temple.