We’ve had sooo much excitement this first week with Kaya (I’m learning though, that as a new parent, “excitement” can be defined as anything from your baby’s first bath to her first poopy diaper… I never thought I’d be so happy about something like that!)

She’s already ridden in the car twice!  She really doesn’t like getting in the carseat, but she’s getting better about it.

We’re backseat-riding buddies. I wonder how long it’ll be before I feel comfortable enough to sit in the front!

She’s also had her first several bouts of gas. Luckily, one of our nurses showed us how to move her legs to help her try and pass it. We’ve had a couple of nearly-sleepless nights trying to help her with her gas, but it seems like her little body has really started working and she can get through it mostly on her own now. Thank goodness!

Kaya met her grandparents.

And Uncles Jeff and Karl!

She also had her first (sponge) bath at home. She actually handled the water pretty well! I love this picture of us together right afterward.

She even went on her first walk!

She’s also finding out how silly her daddy is! She absolutely LOVES it when he plays piano for her, but that’s no surprise to me, because she was already wiggling for it when she was still in my belly!

We’re so excited for all the fun we’ll have in the future with our princess!

one week old

I can’t believe little Kaya is already a whole week old! We feel like we’ve been in somewhat of a mental fog since she arrived. Our days are flying by, but our nights are dragging a little- she’s slept well a couple nights, but most of the time she’s up between midnight and about 4:30 am. I guess it’s just going to take time to get her schedule switched.

Her cheeks are definitely getting chubbier (and she now has a double chin)! We love every inch of her. At her newborn checkup (at 5 days old), she had already gained 3 ounces since we left the hospital. She’s in the 38th percentile for weight, the 89th percentile for height, and the 60th percentile for head circumference (14 inches).

I was a little worried that when she finally arrived we would still be calling her “Munchkin”, instead of Kaya, but now she has about a million more nicknames: Princess, Angel, Pipsqueak, Cupcake, Little Sweetie and our favorite, “Baby Bird”. She stretches her neck and opens her mouth so wide, and she keeps her arms folded up like wings (which can make dressing her kind of difficult), so that’s how she got that moniker.

And she makes the best little faces. I love when she raises her eyebrows like this!

She is definitely great at nursing, and I am really loving the one-on-one time I get with her because of it. It’s so nice to take a break from everything and peacefully stroke my baby’s hair and talk to her.

She also really enjoys having her pacifier.

She’s getting more alert every day, and sometimes she even tries to hold up her head! She only has limited success, of course, but she is already so strong. She loves looking at her toys and her daddy.

We love you, Baby Bird!

meet kaya

She’s here!

Kaya Rose
September 19, 2012
4:26 am
7lbs 10.5 ounces
21 inches long

We love our little princess so very much. I still can’t believe how beautiful she is (or how much hair she has)!  I also love her big blue eyes. So far, she’s been a great sleeper and a champ at nursing.

I never knew I could love someone this much. I am so grateful that I get to be a mommy to such a perfect angel.

She makes so many funny faces, too- she’ll even pucker her lips up like she wants a kiss! It’s so fun to see her make some of the same expressions that we do.

Every day Michael gets wrapped around her finger a tiny bit more, and I love watching it happen.

We are so blessed.

maternity photo shoot

On Monday night, Michael and I went out to the park to take some photos together. I think we both wanted one last set of pictures to remember our “family of two” before we become three! We are really becoming skilled at using the tripod, and I am sooo pleased with how these turned out!

(Yes, I really did climb on top of a hay bale at 9.5 months pregnant…)

LOVE this one of us together.

This wouldn’t be a regular post without one goofy outtake photo, so here it is. While I set up the camera, Michael does the “YMCA” (although his C is backwards…)

(PS- We used my new pancake 40mm for these 🙂 )

39 weeks

How big is baby? The book says about 21.5 inches long and a little over 7 pounds. I guess we’ll see how big she really is soon enough!
Maternity clothes? Yes, and Munchkin should hurry up and get out of there before it gets too chilly outside and I have no clothes that fit to keep me warm!
Sleep: I go to bed and get up after a “decent” number of hours, but I don’t think I’m actually asleep that whole time because I still feel tired in the morning. This morning I was wide awake at 4 am! I also have this weird fear that anytime I turn over, my water is going to break. It’s probably not likely, but my subconscious, sleeping self can’t stop thinking about it.
Best moment this week: Hanging things on the wall in her room, getting the rocking chair, hearing her heartbeat, and going out with Michael to take a few maternity/family photos!
Movement: She wiggles, jiggles, hiccups, and still tries to push her feet through my stomach!
Food cravings: Ice cream… I actually have a new favorite DQ Blizzard: “double fudge cookie dough”. Mmmm.
Miss Anything? Nothing new, nope!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nausea has subsided (at least temporarily) 🙂
Gender: Girl.
Belly Button in or out? Poking out, and it’s hard to believe it will ever go back to normal.
Exercising? I’ve pretty much cut my running mileage in half, so I’m doing 2 miles at a time now. Michael and I have still gone on a few walks, but a four-mile run is too exhausting now.
Mood: Anxious, excited, restless and trying sooo hard to be patient.
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby girl, cuddling her, feeding her, and taking a million photos of her, of course!

the pancake

On Sunday night, Michael installed a special app (that he made) on my phone. It was called “Surprise”, but it wouldn’t open until the time he set on it- which was 8 am on Monday!

I noticed on Sunday night that he had been acting a little sneaky… and when I woke up on Monday, I saw all these little barcodes stuck in random places around our house. The “Surprise App” started working and gave me all these clues that led me to different items. Then I’d scan the code with my phone, and if I was at the right item, it would tell me something that Michael loves about me. I am so glad I have a nerdy husband, because he’s so creative in showing me he cares for me.

It was a fun way to spend a Monday morning, and a real self-esteem booster in these last few weeks of pregnancy. There were 40 clues and 40 I-love-yous.

And when he got home, he said, “Well, there’s something interesting about the number 40…” and he pulled out a Canon 40mm f/2.8!

Canon released this pancake lens back in June, and I’ve had my eye on it even before that, so of course I was super excited and wanted to go try it out right away! It is very sharp, produces great color and I am impressed with the bokeh, too.

(It seems like the wind always blows when it’s my turn for a photo…)

The STM motor is incredibly quiet, which I’m sure will come in handy when I’m taking my millioneth video of munchkin once she arrives!

(Just to set the record straight… I didn’t ask him to be this silly. He did it all on his own!)

And I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting to share with our friends who came over to watch Hokie football… so I had to share a photo of those, too!

38 weeks

How big is baby? The book says about 6.75 lbs and 21 inches long.
Maternity clothes? Yup, but I wore a regular shirt today because the Hokies WON last night! 🙂
Sleep: Sometimes it’s okay… Naps don’t really help me anymore and sometimes I don’t feel any more rested than before I went to bed!
Best moment this week: Hearing that she has a really strong heartbeat and that she is now at station 0! Yay for her fitting into my pelvis!
Movement: She likes to stretch and still tries to wiggle!
Food cravings: I need to join Choco-holics Anonymous (is there such a group? If there isn’t, I think I’d qualify to be the leader and start one…)
Miss Anything? Wearing regular clothes!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sometimes I just get nauseous, and I keep having that flu-like feeling come and go.
Gender: Girl.
Belly Button in or out? Flat and sometimes part of it pokes out…
Exercising? I am trying my hardest, but it’s getting downright difficult with her being so far down and pushing on everything. I only ran about 14 miles last week and this week I’m going for the run 2, walk 2 goal.
Total weight gain: About 14.5 lbs.
Mood: I feel like I’ve been so easily emotional, which is not really like me. I cry so easily and any little thing that happens can seem like a big deal.
Looking forward to: Lelia coming up this weekend, my rocking chair arriving… and maybe, just maybe, our princess getting here early (I can wish, can’t I?)

insta-jam for august!

This might be the last “insta-jam” that doesn’t include any pictures of a cute little munchkin! August seriously flew by, and I’m guessing that September will too…

1: I tried some more crockpot recipes, including homemade chicken and dumplings! Mmmm. It turned out so delicious! I definitely think the crockpot is going to be my new best friend once munchkin arrives and I don’t have time to stand over the stove.

2: Our friends ding-dong-ditched us some cupcakes… don’t worry, we ditched them some cookies in return!

3: We house-sat/watched a family of kids for a week, but just at nighttime. There are five girls in the family and two of them were eager to paint nails, so I let them do mine! They were pretty creative, as you can tell, and my toes actually turned out even wilder than my fingers.

4: Michael got a new tablet, so I got the “old” one. And what was the first thing I did with it? Change the wallpaper to horses, of course! I am loving using the tablet instead of my old old brick-of-a-computer.

1: This wouldn’t be an insta-jam without some cute animal photos, so here’s Juni enjoying her pink zebra-stripe hut. I’m glad she finally figured out that she’s supposed to lay under it,  not between the back of it and the wall!

2: Parsley is a special treat for a piggy!

3: One morning, Michael decided to get up early for a bike ride before work. It wasn’t even ten minutes after he left when he called me, and of course I panicked, thinking he had gotten hurt. Instead, he told me he had found this puppy, and she kept following him and laying down at his feet if he stopped. He asked what he should do, and of course I said… bring her home! She looked like she’d been outside and walking all night, so we gave her a warm bath and called the phone number on her collar. Her owner came to get her pretty quickly, but it was fun having a puppy for a few minutes!

1: Michael had his 25th birthday! I surprised him with a banner and balloons already hanging when he woke up.

2: Michael got his new tablet. He’s been waiting and waiting and contemplating which one he wanted, and picked the Nexus 7. It was sort-of-an-early-birthday gift and I’m glad he is so happy with it.

3: We went to Macado’s for his birthday dinner, and he got a “Cowpoke” sandwich (I’m not even sure why it’s called that, since there is chicken and bacon on it, but no beef)! I got my usual chicken caesar sandwich.

4: A few days after his birthday, Michael’s side of the family came up to visit. Now, it wouldn’t be a real visit if we didn’t go out for Chinese- that’s pretty much tradition! I’m not really sure what Kevin is doing, but at least it didn’t get us kicked out of the restaurant!