insta-jam for april

All you other super-cool-Android-using people probably know that Instagram finally came out for us this month! FINALLY. So of course I had to play with it, and it’s actually pretty convenient and fun for when you’re out with just your phone camera (does anyone really lug their DSLR everywhere, anyway?) So I thought I’d start a monthly post to show off all the seemingly insignificant things you’d otherwise miss out on if I hadn’t documented them with Instagram. Here’s April!

Can you tell that someone has a sweet tooth? Chocolate muffins, chocolate cookies, chocolate Poptarts, chocolate Dairy Queen Blizzard… Cravings, you say? What?

1 & 2: “Mini Panda” (the Beanie Baby) joined our panda family this month. Michael’s parents were cleaning out old stuff and found him, and if you know me, you know it’s obvious that he’d end up at our house… Don’t confuse him with Panda or Baby Panda.

3: One of my very favorite parts of the day is saying good morning to my piggies. Usually when I go to fill up their pellet bowl, I look up and their little noses are right there, waiting!

4: We had a cold, rainy, GROSS day here and Maggie definitely had the right idea- eating breakfast under her blanket! 🙂

1. Michael putting together baby furniture! He ended up doing the vast majority of it by hand!

2. Subway date

3. Sunday nap. Ain’t he cuuuute? Haha!

1. My first wire-wrapped ring (a rose)!

2. The Elders unexpectedly dropped in, and one of the first things out of their mouths was “Can we hold the pigs?” They hold them every time they’re at our house.

3 & 4: Mini golf date with my buddy this past weekend!

So there you go… hope you enjoyed the nonsensical ridiculousness!

family weekend: part two!

The REAL reason we were traveling over the weekend was for the Tour de Cure for diabetes! Michael signed up for it a couple months ago, and has been training ever since. The route he did was 65 miles! Pretty impressive, huh? He was barely even tired afterward. I’d better watch out, because now people are starting to think HE is the hardcore one in our family. I guess we’ll see!

Here he is crossing the finish line!

While we were waiting, Jeffrey tried to make Michael a crown/necklace out of dandelions. Not bad work, Jeffrey! Sadly, it somehow got left behind and forgotten once Michael came, so he didn’t get to wear it.

We also just had a lot of fun family time, which of course includes spending time with the puppy!

Kevin even made the famous family dip (which I’ve never had, and actually still didn’t try…) Apparently it calls for a lot of ONIONS. Just look at poor Kevin.

Brothers chowing down! Looks like all of Kevin’s onion-suffering paid off.

We had a mini barbecue, too. Jeffrey and Lelia always have lots of fun together, even if they are just squishing raw hamburger meat.

They also had a 5-minute photoshoot. We were supposed to have a real, actual photo session, but as you cannot actually see in these pictures, it was POURING down rain all day long! So we were limited, but just look at those model faces!

This is what happened behind the scenes. Don’t think they’re serious models all the time!

family weekend: part one!

This past weekend, we went home to visit family! We spent the first part of it with my side of the family, and the second part with Michael’s. I decided to split it into two posts just because there are so many pictures and combining everything just doesn’t seem to make any sense!

On Friday, we went out in the backwoods to visit my Auntie Joyce. It was the first time I’ve ever seen her house, so I got the whole tour! She also has an awesome art studio where she does all her creations (when I grow up, I hope to be as talented as she is!). She had a lot of presents for me to help me get started with jewelry-making, which I’ve been interested in for a while now. She gave me things to use with lost wax, precious metals clay and wire wrapping! For now I am focusing on wire… there is a TON to learn!

She also let me choose a special bead out of her collection of hand-carved animals. For some reason, I just loved this little squirrel! When I get really good at the wire-wrapping, he’ll be part of a really cool necklace.

Auntie Joyce and Mom.

At lunchtime, we went into town and got Subway sandwiches to bring back and eat. Michael and my mom each ate an entire foot-long! Crazy!

I also got to meet her kitty, Einar! He is a big, fun boy!

Thanks for the fun day, Auntie Joyce!

18 weeks

As of yesterday, I am now in week 18 of my pregnancy! Time is really flying by, and while I really want to meet the sweet little person who keeps kicking me from the inside out, I don’t want this special time to be over quite so quickly. I can’t believe we are almost halfway done- 152 days to go!

I know that most everyone will look at these pictures and say “What are we supposed to be looking at?”, because maybe it isn’t very obvious… but my belly is starting to poke out just a teeny tiny little bit! That little bulge is definitely something new! Two of the girls at institute last night (who had already heard the news) did mention that I have something there. So… I’m not just imagining it! Promise!

In a few weeks, I’ll likely look back at these pictures and laugh at how I thought I had a little bump.

I’ve been feeling baby move for a few weeks already, and it amazes me how much stronger he/she has already become! What a difference even a week can make. Sometimes it feels like munchkin is punching, kicking, or even doing somersaults in there. I am really in for some fun once baby is bigger and there is less room for him/her to move!

Baby had to get its high energy level from somewhere- I am still keeping up with the same level of running I was pre-pregnancy, so I am pretty proud of myself! I did 6.44 miles today and felt AMAZING (besides the fact that someone thinks my bladder is a trampoline…)

We find out if we’re getting a prince or a princess in about two weeks!

hoppy easter!

The Easter Bunny came to our house just a couple days late, which means that he either got lost or was waiting for all the candy to go on sale! Better late than never, though.

Reese’s peanut butter eggs are definitely Michael’s favorite. Don’t be deceived, the Bunny may have only put four in his basket, but he left the whole rest of the bag in our kitchen!

He was so surprised, so when I asked to take his picture he of course made a goofy shocked face.

I made him do a “normal” smile… since my mom always says he never does. Here you go, Mom!


Lelia and I just had to do something ridiculous when she came up to visit. This was all her idea, really. I had nothing to do with it and didn’t encourage it at all. It wasn’t even my dish towel that we stuck up her shirt or my camera that was used to take the pictures. (Is that a good enough “wild goose” for you, Michael and Lelia?)


Even if we’re being ridiculous, she is still so pretty!

Wait… I think we have it backwards.

Trying really hard to push out my belly for this one… not sure it worked.

HARDCORE (I think we look like monster-truck-driving women! That is almost as hardcore as it gets!)

Michael may never leave us home alone again.


We are so excited to announce that sometime around September 18, 2012, we’ll be adding a little munchkin to our family! (We might as well just name him/her “Munchkin”, because that’s all that Michael, Jeffrey, Lelia and I call the baby, and no other name seems to fit, so… haha! You can stop sweating now. I’m not serious!)

I’m 16 weeks along (can’t believe that that ultrasound picture was already 8 weeks ago!), and still don’t have any bump to show for it! Maybe I’ll just blame it on being so hardcore from running!

Anyway, I truly loved seeing our little baby’s picture and hearing the heartbeat for the first time. I’m convinced that there is no faster way to fall in love.

We told both our parents on my birthday weekend. I sent flowers to my mom’s work, with a note that said “Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma!” She was surprised enough to get flowers, aside from such a big announcement! Michael’s parents were actually here for my birthday, so I pretended that I was giving Mom a photo album of all the cruise photos I took… The album was empty, except the front cover, which had the ultrasound picture in it. I love her reaction!

ponies, pals, and pictures!

What on earth are you supposed to do with yourself when your husband is out of town on a business trip? Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about it too much because my best-ever-like-a-sister-to-me friend Lelia came up to visit and keep me out of help me get into trouble!

I haven’t had horse time in awhile, so it was pretty awesome when Lelia let me come out to the barn with her to visit all the pregnant mares, yearlings, and the ONE foal born so far! There is nothing I love more than spending time out there. Hours just fly by.

I was so excited to meet Jubilee’s colt, Sawyer! He sure is a handsome guy 🙂

Sleepy boy. It’s tough being a baby.

We trekked out far into the field to visit the yearlings. Tango and Amaretta wanted to eat my shoes!

Lelia got her pony cuddles from Prissy…

and big hugs for her favorite, of course, Rosie!

I got a hug, too. BFFs (even if she is super squinty)!

general conference!

This weekend was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints‘ General Conference! It only comes twice a year, so I really look forward to it. Conference can be an inspiring and uplifting experience for anyone, whether you’re a member of the church or not!

There were definitely a lot of talks about devoting time to strengthening the family. President Boyd K. Packer said, “Family time is sacred time, and should be protected and respected. We urge our members to show devotion to their families.” I think his talk may have been my favorite. I’ve made a goal for Michael and I to do better at holding family home evenings and regular family scripture study.

I also really wanted to take a family photo (including the piggies!), so Michael humored me and dragged the tripod, chair and pigs outside. I think this might be a nice tradition to hold every conference!