Christmas parade!

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the town Christmas parade! This has been a tradition for Michael and I ever since we met three years ago. My brother even happened to be in town!

You can never NOT have fun with these two!

One of my favorite parts of the parade is always the decked-out jeeps and antique cars!

And of course, we are always so anxious to see Santa at the end of it, riding on a firetruck. When Karl and I were young, Santa came around the whole town on his firetruck, giving people candy canes.

I always anticipate seeing the horses all dressed up, too.

6 days to go!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Alright, so we really DID have the Christmas tree up on December 1st… it’s just taken me a while to blog it! Our Christmas tree decorating spanned two consecutive nights, actually- we didn’t have enough lights on the first night! This is Michael’s grandparents’ former tree, and our old one was pre-lit so we weren’t sure what we’d need.

We had one strand of big ol’ lights that we were given with the tree.

Lucky for us, Lelia is an expert tree-decorator. You might even say she’s a “star” at it!

You can see how naked it looked that first night. You can also see how bad I am at getting in the frame of the photo. Whoops!

We got more lights the next day, and finally finished it!!

And after we took one nice picture all together in front of the tree, we started playing with flashlights and long exposures! (Yep, my new tripod gets put to good use, doesn’t it?) Here are Michael’s creations:

And this was Lelia’s idea:

lurkey turkey

This year, we got to have Thanksgiving with both of our families! It wasn’t originally planned that way, but I’m sure glad it turned out that way- it was twice as much fun!

Mom was in charge of 50 pounds of potatoes for a service project.

I did five-second-long photoshoots of Jeffrey and Scrappy!

Michael surprised us by showing up a few hours earlier than he had told us he would! And Dad ate an “illegal roll” before the dinner even started.

Sadly, this was the best photo I got of that night’s family dinner. Wow…

And of course there was choco-mint freeze!! Jeffrey even did some fancy chocolate lines on it. That’s elegance right there.

On the actual day of Thanksgiving, we went to my family’s house. We celebrated my aunt’s birthday too, so I made a cake! It was my first attempt at flower petals and leaves. Luckily, Michael’s mom helped me learn!

My mom never fails to cook a delicious meal. (And Karl never fails to be a goofball!)

Hope everyone had a happy day!